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Arise, shine, for your light has come

Isaiah 60:1

Freedom Series Training Courses

The 6 Courses below are all included as a part of the Mentorship Journey:

The Rising Journey

Discover the biblical model of freedom based upon the majestic oak tree. When the soil of your heart is left untended, the roots and seeds of painful past experiences become the branches of ingrained negative emotions and behavioral patterns. In the Rising Journey, we invite our loving Gardener to reveal, restore, and nourish those barren places so that you can arise and bear healthy fruit as a glorious Oak of Righteousness.

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The Sempiternal Way

A sonship journey created and downloaded from the heart of the Father directly to the VandenBulcks. These ā€œSeven Relational Pathways" unfold mystery, awe, and wonder as you discover the treasure Father lovingly placed inside of you before time began.

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5 Keys To Freedom

Unlock powerful freedom with each of the 5 Keys to support a quick turn around from the pain tucked away in painful places. Learn how to live from heaven to earth while discovering that there is treasure in the triggers.

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Rewrite Your Story, the Personal Journey

Unseal the book of your life and enter the pages of your story to reclaim your true, original identity. Beginning from your place of origin in Father, discover the ancestral patterns and programs that existed prior to your conception. Explore your timeline from birth onwards and awaken to the previously hidden issues that have affected your life for far too long. Get free and live free!

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Mysteries of Our Design

Engage the seven design gifts from Romans 12:6-8 and understand how amazingly you and others have been created by God. Learn very intentional ways to improve communicate as well as how to understand yourself and others based on God design.

Awaken to Rule & Reign

Learn how to take authority over your Kingdom mountain by engaging your true Identity and destiny, as a citizen of Heaven. Be equipped, led by your spirit, to bring restoration and healing to your soul and body under the ministry and government of Jesus.

Freedom Coach Series - Certification Courses

6 Certification Courses can be taken independently or through the Mentorship Journey at a 50% savings:

Way of a Sempitir

Encounter all six Certification Courses in a two year transformation school combining a power-packed hybrid curriculum of life coaching, mindset renewal, inner healing, new-wine deliverance, trauma release, and leadership training.

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Foundations For Coaches

Power packed with cutting edge foundational principles to facilitate Freedom Sessions. Travel through the timeline and unpack the keys needed to usher in freedom and restoration.

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Rewrite Your Story

Facilitate a freedom session in a simple yet profoundly powerful way for someone to experience the treasures in the transformational rewriting of their life using story mapping.Ā 

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Mastering Mindsets

Powerful life coaching principles and mindset awareness to yourself and others unstuck while learning about neuroplasticity, heart listening and spirit-led transformative questions.

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Conversations For Coaches

Developing listening skills, insightful questions, and creating forward movement to identify problems and find solutions, as well as create healthier connections in everyday conversations.

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Gates & Glory

This Freedom Coach training focuses on unveiling the multi-faceted glory of God in your spirit, soul, and body gateways. Encounter union flow with Yahweh, release your God-given frequency, and flood your entire being with healing rivers of transformation.

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The Core

Get equipped to facilitate a ā€œCore" Freedom Session to lead someone in restoring their generational bloodline with gateway cleansing, personal freedom pre-conception and healing from the core of their identity.

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