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For the Glory of the Lord is upon you.

Isaiah 60:1

Value and Honor.

We offer a sliding scale of fees for Freedom Sessions, designed to ensure that people from various financial backgrounds can trade into their freedom. Simultaneously, our fees attribute value and honor to our highly trained, professional coaches – an important kingdom principle. While one-off, Five Keys Ministry sessions are available by donation (see below), our heart is to encourage others to know their value by making an investment in themselves. Your freedom, destiny and spiritual inheritance are worth it.

Sliding Scale

Annual Household Income

Monthly Household Income


Based on gross family income per year

Based on gross family income per month

Contribution per hour of coaching

Over $150k

Over $12,500


Between $125k & $150k

Between $10,4017 & $12,500


Between $100k & $125k

Between $8,333 & $10,416


Between $80k & $100k

Between $6,667 & $8,333


Between $60k & $80k

Between $5,000 & $6667


Between $50k & $60k

Between $4,167 & $5,000


Between $40k & $50k

Between $3,333 & $4,167


Between $30k & $40k

Between $2,500 & $3,333


Less than $30k

Less than $2,500


Schedule your Freedom Session with an Oaks Rising Certified Coach to create your breakthrough.

If you are not able to invest in yourself or trade into a professional Freedom Coaching Session then you may be interested in scheduling a 30 minute time of ministry. You will get to experience a one time 5 Keys to Freedom Ministry Session with a ministry volunteer to get an exchange in a place where you are experiencing a trigger.Ā 

Five Keys to Freedom Ministry

You can schedule a donation based 30-minute ministry session with one of our trained and experienced volunteers. A Five Keys Ministry session can help you find relief from an unhealed place. Going to the root of an issue can take much longer than 30 minutes, so if you think you need more help following a ministry session we encourage you to invest in yourself by arranging a Freedom Session with a certified Oaks Rising Coach.Ā 

Sponsor a session

A sponsor makes a way for those who are not able to contribute towards their own Freedom Session. We invite you to connect with us if you have a desire to help those who cannot help themselves, including those with PTSD, Veterans, SRA victims and those who have been sex trafficked.

Trade Services

We offer unique ways to trade servicesĀ associated with a Freedom Session. Based on individual circumstances and based on the needs within Oaks Rising, we invite you to let us know if you have a skill to trade for your Freedom Session time. Please submit via the Contact Us Form to request to trade for services or product.