Freedom Coach Series

Then you will be God’s servant. fully mature and perfectly prepared to fulfill any assignment God gives you.

2 Timothy 3:17

Welcome victorious one!

You have come so far and are now established in the place of identity and destiny.  We celebrate you!  As you look out from your mountain, seated in rest, there are troubled souls who have yet to enter the land you now reside in.  So, arise fearless warrior and allow Yeshua to pour forth from you a well of living water that refreshes the weary and brings resurrection life to dry bones. This is where the coaching journey begins, and you will be equipped with the strategies, tools and other essentials that facilitate breakthrough in Freedom Sessions.

What you can expect to learn

This eight-twelve week intensive journey empowers you to arise and become the light that transforms others around you. Receive a thorough grounding in the biblical understanding of freedom. Grow in confidence and discernment as you powerfully wield the sword of the Spirit and are established in truth. Lean into the heartbeat of Father and hear His voice with crystal clear clarity. This honest look at deeper heart issues is done from a Kingdom perspective. As you recognize and break agreements with counterfeits, you will reclaim relinquished territory and learn to thrive in the land of promise.

Course Topics

  • Handle the spiritual atmosphere within Freedom Sessions.
  • Operate in kingly authority seated with Christ in Heavenly places.
  • Replace masks, come out of hiding, denial, and self-protection.
  • Overcome church hurt and deconstruct from the indoctrination of religion.
  • Detect counterfeit systems, webs, and matrixes.
  • Function through renewed spirit, soul, and bodily senses that position you to rule from Heaven to Earth. 
  • Disarm the power & effect of words to untangle webs of deceit.
  • Dismantle strongholds, lies, and misperceptions.
  • Break ungodly covenants, contracts, trades, vows, and bonds.
  • Work with places, fragmentation, and disassociation, to transform and reintegrate fractured parts.
  • Facilitate freedom from the effects of trauma, abuse, neglect, absence, isolation, and abandonment.
  • Access destiny scrolls and replace counterfeit assignments with the original intent of Yahweh.
  • Break agreements with victim, orphan, and slave mentalities to restore the authentic sound of sonship.
  • Understand the Court of Heaven protocols for presenting evidence and humbling oneself.
  • Remove the legal grounds resulting from occult practices, witchcraft, freemasonry, and other demonic trading floors.

Course Information


Pam & Steve VandenBulck and other Freedom Coaches.


Mid May to end of June 2021.


Eight to twelve, live, online sessions, including: sixty-minutes of teaching, sixty minutes of discussion, and a one-to-two-hour reflective action step.


On successful completion of all course requirements, certification is awarded at our live four-day encounter.


It is recommended to take the Rising Journey and the Five Keys to Freedom before commencing this course.

Registration Cost:

$597 standalone or 50% savings as part of the Mentorship Journey Membership.

There are two ways you can register for Foundations for Coaches.

Register for the Course at the regular standalone price of $597 OR save 50% as a member of the Mentorship Journey