The Way of a Sempitir™

The Way of a Sempitir™

"Because of this, they will be known as Mighty Oaks of Righteousness, planted by Yahweh as a living display of His glory. They will restore ruins from long ago and rebuild what was long devastated. They will renew ruined cities and desolations of past generations."

Isaiah 61:3-4

What can I expect?

“From the fruit of our testimonies, we mentor, train and coach those who have a passion to get free, live authentically, and multiply their own personal freedom into the lives of others. We empower a culture of transformation through Kingdom alignment in a coaching leadership and freedom model, designed to ignite a world to live seated from their true identity, design and destiny.” 

– Steve & Pam VandenBulck

Coach Journey - The Way of a Sempitir™ is

A community of freedom warriors taking back territory for the Kingdom of God in their own generations, and simultaneously experiencing powerful equipping to pay-it-forward to a world in-waiting. The Way of the Sempitir™ provides personal freedom with mentor, coach and leadership training. 

Learn how to belong in healthy community through the leadership lessons of teamwork and creating safety internally. A Sempitir™ has trained their senses to merge abiding in the spirit with living here-on-earth as a masterpiece of creation. And, is in training to empower others to live sempiternally.

The two year transformational school combines a power-packed hybrid curriculum experience of life coaching, mindset renewal, inner healing, new wine deliverance, trauma release, and leadership training. 

How does it work?

Get over 200 hours of live group coach training = $10,000 value.

Get over 120 hours of online training in 6 certification courses = $6,000

Tuition for this amazing 2-year Coach Journey – that has a value of over $16,000 – is $150/month. Or, become part of our Mentorship Journey and save!

As a member of the Oaks Rising Mentorship Journey you can save 50% on Coach Training courses when you register through your Mentorship Journey Dashboard.

The following is included in the Coach Journey –  The Way of a Sempitir™

  • 2 year training with 200 plus LIVE coaching hours designed to create a transformed life through immersion in a freedom tribe
  • Monthly payment of $150/month ($75/month for MJ Members) for the duration of the 2 year school for the Coach Journey – The Way of a Sempitir™
  • 6 Certification Courses; with over 120 hours of powerful training, released Monday through Friday, in easy to engage 15 to 30 minute online treasure drops daily.
  • A 5 week rotational schedule with 3 weeks of new training content, one week to process, and one week for hands on practicum.
  • LIVE weekly online equipping with Oaks Rising founders Pam & Steve VandenBulck, and other Freedom Coaches.
  • Access to “The Rising Journey” slideshow to walk others through a 6 week small group course.
  • Principle lesson of engaging what is eternal,  spirit with the soul and body as a theme of living UPstairs.
  • All gatherings will include times of engaging seated with Christ in Heavenly places.
  • Mentorship in how to engage the eternal-now time from a pure biblical basis.
  • Group coaching to model a sempiternal way of living as an Oak of Righteousness.
  • 2 Weekend Encounters annually to encounter the Way of a Sempitir™ intimately.
  • John Maxwell exclusive leadership development training woven throughout.
  • Upon completion, your name and email listed as a Sempitir™ on

This amazing Coach Journey is a 2 year track that, when combined with Oaks Rising Mentorship Journey empowers you to live from Heaven to earth. After signing up for the Mentorship Journey you will be able to log into the Mentorship Dashboard and register for the The Way of a Sempitir™ Coach Journey.

Coach Certification Series

Become a Sempitir™ to Live Free and Set Others Free

Foundations - Coach Training

Experience a power packed foundation in your freedom journey with a thorough biblical basis for setting others free from a seated with Christ in Heavenly places position with a Kingdom inheritance, identity and destiny.

Rewrite Your Story- Coach Training

The Rewrite Your Story Freedom Coach training will equip you to facilitate a “Rewrite Your Story” Freedom Session, which is simply a powerful way to support quick transformation through the power of Story Mapping.

Mastering Mindsets — Coach Training

A transformation journey to learn powerful Life Coaching principles and mindset awareness. You'll be equipped to help others get unstuck with cutting edge relational tools to learn how to listen, ask powerful questions.

Conversations for Coaches — Coach Training

A transformation journey to learn powerful Life Coaching principles and mindset awareness. You'll be equipped to help others get unstuck with cutting edge relational tools to learn how to listen, ask powerful questions.

Gates & Glory — Coach Training

Facilitate freedom by encountering all aspects of the Glory of God and the relevance of opening up all your Gates to the King of Glory (Psalm 24:7) while discovering how to establish and live from your original identity.

The Core — Freedom Coach Training

The Core Freedom Coach training will equip you to facilitate a “Core Freedom Session”. You will learn how to lead someone through the restoration process of generational bloodline cleansing and personal freedom and healing.

Join the Coach Journey

The Way of a SEMPITIR™

The Way of a SEMPITIR™ holds a very special place in our heart. We find it a privilege to walk alongside and equip those who have been set free and who have a heart to multiply their own freedom to see a world filled with authentic freedom and Kingdom light bearers.

There are two ways you can register for
The Way of a Sempitir™.

Register for this Coach Journey at the regular standalone price of $150 monthly OR save 50% as a member of the Mentorship Journey