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Thank you, we are so very grateful for those willing to sow into the life of another 

to set the world free & radiate the love of God

“A world filled with authentic believers who have been set free and whose fruit is multiplied for the splendor of the Lord.”

Pam & Steve

Getting involved

We are grateful for all who participate in extending God’s grace and power through giving of their time and talent. From the day to day operations to putting on events we couldn’t do what we do without you! Joining us in ministry is a great way to get involved and support lives being transformed.

Partnering with us


We invite you to partner with us through trading and partnership opportunities. You can engage with us by trading into Oaks Rising through financial gifts, intercession, prayer, serving at events and by providing for others who want freedom who are not able to invest in themselves. Your participation and generosity will help others experience a life of freedom they may never have gotten to experience otherwise.

Currently our community of trained Freedom Coaches is spread all across the USA and internationally in England, Scotland, Spain, Africa, Australia and Canada. We are looking forward to expanding our freedom message to all the world to provide Freedom Sessions, Equipping and Training all across North America and around the world. As part of our mission to equip and train we have plans to build a Freedom Center where those needing to Get Free can come and experience freedom, and where we can host conferences and workshops from as well.

Many people depend on the support of another to sponsor them for a Reduced Cost Freedom Session. We invite you to be part of ministry in this very powerful way to provide a way for someone else to receive the healing they desire through a Freedom Session.

We greatly appreciate your support of the Oaks Rising Freedom Ministry! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to connect with us.

Oaks Rising Partner Program

Supporting & Partnering

“Community is an essential part of Heaven’s culture and integral to life.”

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Once you have selected the One Time Gift” button below – you can choose if you would like this to be a one time gift or to sponsor a Freedom Session – providing freedom for those who are not able to invest in their own freedom journey.

Gift Monthly

Help us to build a solid foundation by becoming a “Monthly Partner”.

Select the Monthly Partner button below and  check  “Make this a monthly donation“ with Oaks Rising after you have entered the amount you would like to contribute in order to become a Monthly Sponsor.

Gift Time & Talent

From the day to day operations to putting on events, we couldn’t do what we do without support!

Support the continued work to Set Others Free by contributing your time or talent. Connect with us and let us know how you would like to partner with us.