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Freedom Coach Series

Learn how to engage in transformative life coaching conversations.

When you’re able to listen curiously, respond connectedly, and resist offering your own advice, you have the makings of a great coaching conversation.

What you can expect to learn

As a Conversations Freedom Coach you will learn, first-hand, how to facilitate powerful, life-giving conversations. You’ll be immersed in an empowering coaching atmosphere of holding-others-up-as-capable. Each training session will invite you into practicing and developing listening skills, insightful questions, and creating forward movement. You will also be equipped to introduce the 5 Keys To Freedom into everyday conversations, to facilitate the ministry of Jesus. Coaching Conversations support people who are ready to identify problems and find solutions, and are also informal exchanges with family, in hallways, dinner tables, playgrounds, workspaces, and calls throughout the course of  a day.

Course topics

There are 2 ways you can register for this course:

Register for the Course at the regular standalone price of $597 OR save 50% as a member of the Mentorship Journey

Certification Course information


Pam & Steve VandenBulck 


LIVE Online Training, September/October 2022 and then on demand self paced, evergreen available. LIVE class time will be chosen with those registering to accommodate schedules with trainer.


8 Weekly Online Zoom, Recorded Coaching Conversation Sessions.


Certification is awarded at our Live 4-day Encounters after successfully completing course requirements.


Mastering Mindsets or a Basic Life Coach Certification Course equivalent.

Registration Cost:

$597 standalone or 50% savings as part of the Mentorship Journey Membership.