Gates & Glory

Freedom Coach Series

Lift up your heads, you gates. And be lifted up, you ancient doors, That the King of Glory may come in!

Psalm 24:7

Yahweh’s awe-inspiring, life-changing, paradigm-shifting love is His glory. It is the most powerful vibrational force in the universe, and it resides within you! Awaken to this glory in your gateways and receive an overflow of deep healing and truth from Yeshua, the river of life inside of you.

What you can expect to learn

This course facilitates a greater understanding of the blockages and ungodly gatekeepers that illegally occupy the spirit, soul, and body gateways. A combination of biblically based teaching and practical methods will equip you to remove these hindrances so that the King of Glory is fully enthroned within. As we repair the breaches in our gateways, original identity and destiny are restored. We experience Yahweh as the fire all around us and the glory in our midst.

Course topics

  • Anchoring Identity to our true family of origin
  • Handling identity misalignments from as far back as pre -conception
  • Overwriting every wound and trauma with Yahweh’s original intent
  • Gaining freedom from ancestral covenants & agreements
  • Finding healing through releasing trauma stuck in the body
  • Receiving keys for releasing the healing glory of God
  • Removing blockages from the hidden places within
  • Awakening physical healing at a cellular level
  • Glory filled spirit, soul, & body gateways
  • Rivers of cleansing streams released into the body
  • Recovering stolen identity, birthright & inheritance
  • Removal of counterfeit energy in gateways
  • Untethering from all ungodly Connections
  • Understanding how to help those with S.R.A. and D.I.D.

Course information


Pam VandenBulck


Available on demand anytime


8 Weekly Online Classes, Mentoring Journey.


Certification is awarded at our live four-day encounters after successfully completing course requirements.


Foundations Freedom Coach Certification

Registration Cost:

$597 standalone or 50% savings as part of the Mentorship Journey Membership.


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