Gates & Glory

Freedom Coach Training

Learn how to gently and powerfully bring someone deeper healing by awakening the Glory of God to flood their spirit, soul and body gateways for healing and truth to bubble up like a spring from within.

''Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.''

Psalms 24:7

What you can expect to learn

The Gates & Glory Freedom Coach training will equip you with deeper understanding and practical ways to help remove blockages that prevent the Glory of God from occupying every space and place within the spirit, soul & body to restore back the original identity and destiny we were created for.

Course topics

  • Anchoring Identity to our True Family of Origin
  • Handling Identity Misalignments from Pre-Conception
  • Rewriting Every Wounded Place with Original Destiny
  • Freedom from Ancestral Covenants & Agreements
  • Healing through Releasing Trauma Stuck in the Body
  • Keys for Releasing the Healing Glory of God
  • Removing Blockages from Hidden Places Within
  • Awakening Physical Healing at a Cellular Level
  • Glory filled Spirit, Soul & Body Gateways
  • Rivers of Cleansing Streams Released in the Body
  • Recovering Stolen Identity, Birthright & Inheritance
  • Removal of Counterfeit Energy in Gateways
  • Untethering from all Ungodly Connections
  • Understanding how to Help Those with S.R.A. and D.I.D.
  • Handling Accusations in the Courts of Heaven

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Course information


Pam & Steve VandenBulck


Next Online Class is currently scheduled to begin in the month of April, 2020 

Also Available on Demand.


8 Weekly Online Classes, Mentoring, Peer-to-Peer Exercises, Live Online/In-Person Training, External Learning PLUS a Live 4-Day Certification Encounter.

Course Outline:

Gates & Glory Freedom Coach Outline 


Certification is awarded at our Live 4-day Encounters after successfully completing course requirements.


5 Keys to Freedom Coach

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