Rewrite Your Story


“So, they will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.”

Isaiah 61:3

Welcome to Oaks Rising, a place to get traction on moving yourself forward in life. We want to support you to get started in a judgement-free, powerful, freedom coaching process that will support you to Get Free from what’s been holding you back. We are a freedom community with a passion to spark new life and awaken destinies so that together we can Rise Up as Oaks of Righteousness. Our heart is to equip leaders to rise up to usher in freedom and unity.

Pam & Steve

Join us on the journey

We invite you to journey with us in a freedom coaching process developed to support you in accelerating quickly. Our biblically based freedom sessions and courses will help you finally get to the root of issues that have been holding you and generations of your family members back for way too long. You’ll discover how to engage with God and the mysteries He has waiting for you while learning how to Rewrite Your Story and take back what belongs to you from your original birthright. Come arise & shine by exploring the chapters of your life’s story so you can finally Get Free and Live Free. Don’t let your past hold you back any longer.

Come be equipped as a Freedom Coach and join the Oaks Rising Mentorship Journey to deepen relationships in a Freedom Coaching Community while being equipped and mentored by the VandenBulcks personally. There’s so much more that awaits you than you’ve ever imagined, so come along on this journey with us to reclaim your God designed identity and destiny!

Get started on your journey

All of our freedom sessions, courses and trainings follow a sound biblical model to create laser breakthrough results

Freedom Sessions will walk you through stuck places to move you quickly into living pain & trigger free

Freedom Series courses will support you to understand the biblical basis for freedom to accelerate your freedom

Freedom Coach Series certifications will take you on a deeper path to be mentored and learn how to set others free 


Freedom Coach Series

Freedom Leadership Coach Training

This is the path for those ready to come be inspired and encouraged on weekly mentoring conversations with Pam & Steve VandenBulck. You will get equipped with cutting edge Freedom Coach Certification Training Courses and get an exclusive 50% savings on every course we offer.

freedom sessions

Freedom Sessions

Rewrite Your Story

Our biblically based freedom sessions will help you get to the root of issues that have been holding you back for way too long. You'll discover how to breakthrough the places you've been stuck in by encountering and engaging God. There are incredible mysteries and treasures waiting for you as you partner with a Freedom Coach to support you in the Rewriting of Your Story. 

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equipping & training

Equipping & Training

Courses & Certifications

Choose from our Freedom Series courses and Freedom Coach Series to equip, disciple and mentor you. Our courses begin with the Rising Journey to introduce you to the language and biblical basis for freedom and continue to the more advanced Freedom Coach Series where you will be instructed to confidently walk others through a Freedom Session to help them get free.

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"I never felt like I could ever get truly free before connecting to Oaks Rising. I had tried everything I knew that was out there. When I was introduced 3 years ago to their freedom process, I knew I had found what I was looking for! Instead of trying to handle all the things from an external perspective, I was taken from the core of who I was to finally get to the root of what was keeping me stuck. I finally got off the struggle bus and onto the freedom bus."
Marietta Miller
"I have been set free from the demands of perfectionism and a distorted body image that had kept me in bondage since I was a young girl. I am so confident about hearing the voice of God now and no longer feel trapped by the rules of religion. Experiencing Freedom Sessions and taking the Oaks Rising Training courses completely changed my life... so much so, that I've shared it with so many people and decided to become equipped as a Freedom Coach myself."
Madison Gonzales
"My relationships with family, and especially my children, have been completely transformed. In my fist Freedom Session I remember telling my Freedom Coach that I was done with God if He didn't show up. Well, I clearly heard the voice of God and saw myself with brand new eyes that day. I discovered the places early on in my life where I had believed lies and that had been keeping me bound and stuck. Being able to so confidently engage with God has set me free from the labels I had lived with all my life."
Erika Davila

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