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Behold, I’m standing at the door, knocking. If your heart is open to hear my voice and you open the door within, I will come in to you and feast with you, and you will feast with me.

Revelation 3:20

You're invited to

Join us on the Freedom Journey to Rewrite Your Story, and to Get Free from the bends, twists and pains that life has stained into your story. When you open the door to Freedom Coaching you’ll begin to handle the places within your soul that have caused you hurt and pain, and that have kept you from living as free as you’d like to be.

How do I Rewrite My Story with Freedom Coaching

Freedom Coaching is a set aside time for you to connect with a Freedom Coach to support you in the Rewriting of Your Story. It is a beautifully intimate relational experience of discovery and exploration of the hidden treasures within your pages. This is not about digging up the past, but instead about mining for gold! The purpose of opening up your past chapters and pages is to encounter the living God within them. When you open them up you’ll find yourself in a most marvelous conversation, engaging with God!

In Freedom Coaching we utilize highly skilled techniques that support people to experience fruitful transformation and growth. We coach individuals, couples and groups to experience heart transformation. Freedom Coaching emcompasses the desire to set a new life goal as well as going deep, beyond logic, strategies and skills to engage from the core identity and get to the root of issues. 

Our Freedom Coaching schedule times are called Freedom Sessions. They provide opportunities for you to Rewrite Your Story and engage God in the pages of your life’s story, to restart, recharge, receive freedom, forgiveness, healing, realignment, hope and rest. Are you ready to open up the chapters within your story to engage with God?

What happens in a Coaching Session?

A Freedom Coaching Session is simply our name for a destiny based freedom coach approach. Your personal Freedom Coaching Session will provide opportunities to experience your true identity as a masterpiece of God. Identity, Design and Destiny REalignment along with forgiveness, healing, repentance, restoration and renewal are all part of the freedom process.

In a Freedom Session you will sit down with a trained Freedom Coach and with the help of the Holy Spirit they will walk you through the freedom process.  A Freedom Session is not a counseling, therapy or mentoring session but is a time for you to engage with God for wholeness and clarity.

Your Freedom Session will be a facilitated time with a Certified Freedom Coach to begin releasing the things that you no longer want to hold on to – such as areas of trauma, identity theft, confusion, unforgiveness, guilt, anxiety, stress and lack of purpose. It is also a time for renewal, reclaiming, realigning, restoring and redefining. 

Emerge as an exquisite butterfly who’s free and wild to soar and be all that God created you to be! Run your race by surrendering to Jesus every fearful, broken, abused, depressed, sad, lonely, angry, jealous, offended, controlled, guilty, addicted, shamed or stuck place inside of you.
We participate in the working out of our own salvation through the process of being sanctified – going from glory to glory. Ephesians 5:25-27 says that Christ loved the church so much that “…He gave up his life for her to make her holy and clean. He did this to present her to Himself as a glorious church without a spot or wrinkle or any other blemish.

Types of Freedom Sessions

A certified Freedom Coach will walk with you to engage your true Identity and reclaim who the Father says you are according to His creation and masterpiece. This session addresses any wounds that would keep you from knowing that you are deeply loved. Experience how you were known by God according to Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalm 139:16. Receive healing and freedom at the very beginning of your existence, from conception to birth to handle misalignments that could be keeping you bound and stuck.

A certified Freedom Coach will walk with you thorough a proactive Freedom Session handling the mindsets, belief systems, thought patterns, traumas and wounded emotions from the moment of creation. Experience deep healing and freedom pre-conception all the way to today. We will support you in accessing core and generational assignments, programs and beliefs that are keeping you stuck, misaligned and away from your Kingdom Destiny. Take back the ground in every place inside of you with this deep, generational core-healing Freedom Session.

A certified Freedom Coach will walk with your child or teen to release trauma that's gotten stuffed down from worry, hurt, fear, anxiety or pain that could be causing them to be living emotionally or physically from an unhealthy place. Issues of depression, ADD, ADHD, OCD, suicide, anxiety, self harm and eating disorders can be addressed as well as from the disruption of life events through divorce, child custody or abuse that has left a scar in your child's life. We highly recommend all Foster Parents walk through freedom.

A certified Life Languages Coach will walk with you to engage your God given design. This life changing session will help you to unpack your Life Languages KLLP profile. Discover how to put the pieces together and the meaning behind the order of your Life Languages. Gain powerful insight into your filter question, need from others, passion, purpose, gap, intensity, strength, weakness and distress flares. You will learn how to better understand how you show up and also understand where miscommunication happens more predictably.

A certified Freedom Coach will walk with you to discover the purposes and plans that God has for you according to Jeremiah 29:11. Unpack the inheritance that belongs to you by engaging all that is contained within your Destiny Scroll. Access what belongs to you on your mountain and begin to outwork the purposes and plans God has for you, seated from Heaven to earth. Engage with the blueprints, office, inheritance, birthright, office and more that belongs to you and disconnect from the counterfeit destiny scroll that you have been living from. 

A certified Freedom Coach will walk with you to experience for you and your spouse to come together in a safe space to share the pain you each have. The 5 Keys To Freedom will be utilized as needed to bring quick resolve. You will both get the opportunity to be heard and to engage with the process of healing that's needed for you to live from today, instead of being stuck living from a wounded place in your past. In this coaching time you will get to practice together the kind of healthy communication needed to honor each other and your marriage. 

A certified Freedom Coach will walk with you to move from dreaming to creating. This powerful coaching process of being listened to combined with empowering you through questions will support you to unpack what's been keeping you stuck. If you are ready to move forward in a time of transition or life change then this is for you. 

Experience a 15 to 30 minute support session by a volunteer of Oaks Rising who will walk with you to find quick relief with an exchange from a trigger that you may be experiencing. This is a one time ministry that you can participate in. If you are not in a place to invest in yourself by hiring one of our professional Freedom Coaches then this ministry time will be a blessing to you.

  • A Certified Freedom Coach will facilitate your session.
  • The amount of time it takes and the number of sessions you need varies based on your history.
  • It's important to invest in your own freedom so we will hold you up as capable to steward our time spent with you well.​
  • The Freedom Coach will converse with you to gather the necessary details for you to experience freedom.​
  • You will discover mindsets that have kept you bound and that have been buried beneath the surface.​
  • You'll get to explore with Holy Spirit the events and circumstances that have shaped your life and align them to your destiny.
  • Jesus will be invited into the very center of who you are for His glory light to shine brightly in every place.
  • Parts of you that have been buried down and stuck will be reconnected to your core essence of who God created you to be.
  • You will break the chains of your ancestral family’s sin patterns, unhealthy habits and toxic mindsets.
  • Your Freedom Coach will facilitate healing in the wounded places where you've experienced abuse, pain or trauma.
  • Your true identity as a child of God will be revealed as you encounter God and entangle yourself with your Kingdom Destiny.
  • You'll get a glorious exchange as you trade the pain from your pages in for your true Identity, Kingdom birthright and inheritance.

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Schedule Coaching Session

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Schedule a mini consultation

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Rewrite Your Story

I got off the struggle bus & onto the freedom bus...

"I never felt like I could ever get truly free before connecting to Oaks Rising. I had tried everything I knew that was out there. When I was introduced 3 years ago to their freedom process, I knew I had found what I was looking for! Instead of trying to handle all the things from an external perspective, I was taken from the core of who I was to finally get to the root of what was keeping me stuck.
Marrietta Miller
Freedom Coach | Bristol Indiana

Reclaim, Restore, Redefine.

We have found that when you open up the pages of your story, you’ll end up engaging with God. Rewriting Your Story is a beautifully intimate relational experience of discovering and exploring the hidden treasures within your pages. There are lessons to be learned, nuggets of wisdom to be gained and a bountiful birthright and inheritance to reclaim. The greatest exchange in the world is waiting for you when you turn over your pain, trauma, wounds, hurts and messes to your King, Jesus. There’s nothing but good that will come from handing over to your King what He already paid the price for. We have found that freedom occurs more quickly with a surrendered soul. There is healing and renewal awaiting in your soul when you invite Jesus to occupy the very places you are troubled in. You’ll be quickly amazed at how your soul can be realigned, renewed and transformed (Romans 12:2). 

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