Jaime Alderman

Jaime has a huge heart for those who have experienced injustice and is passionate about sharing her voice to advocate for them. She is married to her husband Pat and loves homeschooling her children to usher in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. As a blog writer for Oaks Rising she is grateful to share her freedom voice so that others can Get Free like she did.

Drowning in the Day

Life seems to go in cycles. Sometimes I experience seasons of calm, and find balance easily. Everything seems to be in order and the world makes sense to me. It seems easy to release control in those seasons and give 2 cent advice to someone else about the “Lord being my Strength”. But then there …

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You are NOT a Victim

I know that there are probably really horrible things that might have happened to you. I understand that some trauma is so deep, that it seems like it will be there forever. And yes, I recognize there are a lot of details I don’t know about your story… But no matter what has happened: you are not a victim.