Whitney’s Encounter with God

I am so delighted to share the written testimony of Whitney Enns, who lives in Canada with her husband and 3 sons. Whitney so beautifully describes what it was like to rewrite her story as she went through the self paced Rewrite Your Story, Personal Journey process, as part of the Oaks Rising Mentorship Journey. Please join me in bearing witness to the goodness of our God as you share in celebrating Whitney’s freedom alongside us.

The Restoration of My Origins

“I was bound with chains and a rope as I began the process of walking through the restoration of my generational bloodline. As I looked around, I saw that I was in a white room that looked like a mental institution. Shame, judgement and a deep self-hatred bound me. I believed that my very lineage and seed was lesser than and unworthy.  

As I repented and forgave the things of my bloodline, and nailed them to the cross of Yeshua, a great tidal wave of water washed over me. The white room became a beach with a sunrise. The chains were gone and the rope was loosened and in a pile at my feet. I was free!


I saw a long, white cloth swirling and blowing around. It was a bandage that wrapped itself around me like a cocoon of transformation. I broke forth from the cocoon and saw that I had brand new skin. This skin is a new form of protection, semi-permeable instead of the fortresses that were erected in my bloodline. The kingdom can flow freely in and out of this skin.

Yeshua came and put mud over my eyes and I felt peace and soundness of mind permeating me. There was a control and programming of my sight that was removed. Now, I can see and understand what I am seeing. I felt so much joy at the transformation that had taken place and I danced on the beach with Yeshua.

After a while, the atmosphere shifted and felt charged with expectation. I stood before Yeshua and allowed the gates of my heart to open. A stream of gold flowed into my heart as I received the love and Glory of Yahweh. It infused me with value at my very core. The liquid gold solidified into a soft, malleable gold of the finest quality I have ever seen. Yeshua came with a stamp which he pressed into my heart; it was the seal of adoption and belonging. I heard the words from Romans 8:15-17 proclaimed over me:

 “”For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry ‘Abba! Father!’ The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs – heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with Him.””

As a child, adopted and sealed, I sensed that it was time for me to be clothed as one who is a part of this family. I knelt before Yeshua and He placed a crown on my head, a mantle on my shoulders, and a scepter in my hand. The rope that once bound me became infused with light and Yeshua tied it around my waist as a belt. I knew that it could be used for many purposes, like a whip or a lasso. It is the Rope of Freedom. The very things that bound me will become what I get to use to bring freedom to the world.  In my crown, Yeshua put a little star-burst of light. It is a light for my journey so that I can walk on my path with clarity and confidence. My new garments are a little big on me, but I know that I will grow into them as I am tutored and trained in this kingdom and family. I am nobility. Yahweh is my Father and Yeshua, my King, is my brother.

The Beautiful Garden of Destiny

Now that I was clothed, I sensed that Yeshua had more to show me. He took me to a place and showed me a desolate landscape. As I stood looking over this land, I knew that it was the land of my bloodline.  There were many pieces, fragmented by deep chasms. Each piece of land looked ravaged with ruins all around it. I turned to face Yeshua to repent and forgive my ancestors for the desolation of this place. Then I felt the arms of my King around me in a big hug and heard clicking. It felt like I just underwent the biggest chiropractic adjustment that I have ever received. As I turned back to the landscape, I saw that all those pieces of land were now together in alignment, with my own mountain of authority at the end of the strip of land. This is my record, now attached to my area of dominion and authority.

Yeshua led me to the gates of this land. I gave Him permission to open the gates and I invited Him to come in. He opened up the gates, stood in the threshold and blew. Life sprung forth in every place that His breath touched. Structures were created and wound from living vines and plants sprung up instantly in accelerated growth. Yeshua handed me a little golden jewelry box full of seeds and invited me to participate with Him in the restoration of this garden. I began to partner with Him and sow seeds of joy and freedom.

As I walked with Yeshua through my garden, I saw and experienced some of the things that have been unlocked in the restoration of my bloodline. One scroll that I opened along the way became a path laid out before me. What used to be fragmented has now become whole, a strong and sure path to walk on. I can trust my footing on this path, I will not stumble. As I walked, the Living Letters on the scroll were activated and came off the path to partner with me. Some swirled around me, others went out from me, and some worked in me to bring me to deeper levels of healing.

Unlocking My Blueprints

We came to one particular structure in this garden of my restored bloodline and went inside. It was dark, and Yeshua turned on the light. Inside was a room full of antiques and treasures that have been locked up and unused for generations. Yeshua extended a silver platter to me. On it was a scroll with a purple and red seal on it. As I opened the scroll, Living Letters came off the page like sparkles and I breathed them in. I sensed that they are birthrights and inheritances that had been locked up by iniquity and are now released.

I saw that the Father has a workbench in this place and sensed that I could come here to work with my Father to learn from Him. There was a blueprint laid out on the workbench and I felt an invitation to spend time with my Father here. He will walk me through the blueprints that have now been unlocked and He will equip me with everything I need to walk out my journey on earth.”