You Deserve This

Lately I’ve been setting my intentions for the day and working to manage my time effectively so that I don’t feel the angst of ‘forgetting and neglecting’ something or someone including myself!

I’m learning that being organized and getting ahead is crucial for my mental, emotional and physical longevity.

In fact I’ve been adapting this mindset of being ‘deserving’ of giving myself time to re-charge, recalibrate and replenish!

It seems like the more I make room for myself to get organized, the more I’m seeing how common this issue is.

We are in this together

I was at my client’s house yesterday and she was telling me how being a mom and taking care of her kids has worn her out. She said that by the time she gets to the fridge to take care of herself and eat a meal she’s already exhausted and not hungry.

She said: “My neglect is finally catching up to me”.

Is this you? Have you ever felt like life is finally getting the best of you?

If you have, you are not alone. In fact, being in relationship with a lot of moms, I see that this seems to be a common theme. 

As moms or caregivers we tend to dedicate so much of our time to the people we are taking care of that self-neglect can become inevitable. 


We can only give what we have. If we don’t replenish our output tanks, then our input tanks will be in deficit.

Understanding our value

When I started understanding my value, I began to see the importance of prioritizing my mental, physical and spiritual health. I began to say no to volunteer opportunities or last minute requests that put me in deficit.  I was in the pattern of saying yes to anything and anyone all of the time.

In my heart I wanted to help out as many people as possible, but it can’t be at my own expense. Somewhere along the way I not only forgot to take care of the little things in my life, like laundry, meal preparations, devotions, budgeting, physical fitness, etc, but I also developed a bad habit of ignoring my inner convictions and pushing myself past my comfortable limits.

When I started to absorb the idea that I deserved a moment to journal, or take a bath, or extra time for meal prep and budget for the week, it really changed my outlook on my time and how I spent it.


If I was going to pour into others, I needed to make sure that I received from Father God first, but not just that. I must believe that I am worth the investment.


The exchange I received from Father God was so much more than a tangible tit-for-tat. It was a supernatural transfer of the ‘stamina’ that I needed to continue to win and bless others in return.

You Deserve This

I started hearing this message coming from my inmost being.  “You deserve this…” At first it was quiet and unobtrusive, but the more I ignored it, the louder it got. Ha!

“I deserve this….I deserve this….

When I dismantled the word “Deserve” before Father God, I realized that it wasn’t about a merit system. For this content and for my understanding, it was about ‘accessibility’. It was an invite from Abba Father for me to enter into a place of balance, where I could put down my cloak of striving and adapt to a renewed reality of my ‘identity’. It was a place where there was understanding that who I am is so special and so worthy of being invested in! My output could be ushering “out” the presence of God and not solely depending on my own strength for others….!

precious gemstone

I went to God and asked Him to interpret this word ‘Deserve’. What I got was SO POWERFUL!

I am valuable and I am viewed by The Most High as a precious GEMSTONE. That’s the particular word He gave me to help me understand my value.  When something is precious, it needs a certain type of care in order to maintain its value!

So being ‘precious’ means that certain variables need to be put into place, such as self-worth, self-love and honoring the gift you are in order to maintain the essence of that rare item-YOU!

the ideal cut

I went to Wikipedia to understand the measure which is used to determine the value of a gemstone. Interestingly enough, experts used a diamond to help establish a base of understanding the different aspects of beauty and to help describe the criteria used to grade a diamond.

With modification, these criteria can be useful in understanding the grading of all gemstones.

The four criteria carry different weights depending upon whether they are applied to colored gemstones or to colorless diamonds. In diamonds, the cut is the primary determinant of value, followed by clarity and color.

The ideal cut diamond will sparkle to break down light into its constituent rainbow colors (dispersion), chop it up into bright little pieces (scintillation), and deliver it to the eye (brilliance).  In its rough crystalline form, a diamond will do none of these things; it requires proper fashioning and this is called “cut”.  In  gemstones that have color, including colored diamonds, the purity and beauty of that color is the primary determinant of quality.

The variables (of self-love, self-worth and honoring self) that matter in our lives are the ones that fuel us and keep us motivated to be everything that God has designed us to be in this world.


I wanted this description of a gemstone to encourage you as it has me. A gemstone’s value lies in the quality of its color. When a gemstone is found in its original design, it actually displays an immeasurable amount of beauty.

When you are living in you purpose and replenishing your soul and spirit, then your passion can connect with purpose and SHINE!


I’ve shared all of this to say that God has designed you to SHINE!  He has blessed you to BE who you are and He has embellished you with amazing gifts, talents and qualities that make you more individually beautiful on the inside.

Allowing the Creator to show you how to invest in that beauty only increases your value!

Being a conduit


Taking a bubble bath, reading that book and receiving from Father God in that daily quiet meditative place is what we all deserve. Once we understand WHOSE we are, we can then live from a posture of harmony and balance. It’s in this harmony that we find longevity.

We can pour out from within in a way that points back to God instead of ourselves. Then, ultimately, we don’t become the source for others to replenish themselves. We simply become a conduit, one of the paths that leads others back to a place of identity in JESUS.


When we set our intentions to receive from God and to give from that place of abundance, we are participating in the flow of continuity.  It’s an ebb and flow that recycles itself.

Seeing ourselves as precious GEMSTONES points us to a beauty far greater than ours and we understand that we deserve God’s BEST! Then we also understand that others do too!

I love you! Thank you for being on this journey with me. I enjoy being a part of this community where purpose is found and destinies are changed!



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