How My Icy Heart Melted


Sharing a piece of the story about how my icy heart melted is what I would like to do. You see, I have lived a life of overcoming the many things that were set against me, from the very moment that I was conceived. My story begins from the moment I fell from the womb as a tiny baby snowball. Accumulating more and more snow (garbage) daily.  I lived in constant fear of everything. The family household I was born into reeked of the occult, evil spirits and had a putrid odor.


As far back as I can remember my days were filled with anxiety and panic attacks . As I grew up I traded one addiction for the next – eating, smoking, clubbing. Feeling void and empty, I was unable to socialize, depressed and isolated. I hated myself. The fog and confusion in my brain was overwhelming.

It seemed that I never fit in anywhere. My experience was one of being mocked, beaten, insulted, manipulated. My own mother and children rejected me. 

Every night I was subjected to persisting, repeating nightmares of torture, execution and rape, being chased and stalked. I was led into a server room where noise and lights were overbearing. I was chased, bound, drowned, and suffocated.


How closely these symptoms were interrelated was beyond my understanding at the time. Was I even worthy of a miracle?

Five years ago I was saved by a TV evangelist. Things began to change almost immediately. I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida for a warmer climate. Little did I know the miracles awaiting me!!! 


I knew deep down that the door had been opened in my life to give ground to the multitudes of demons that I literally felt relentlessly clawing my flesh and causing me such pain. Was it possible for me to be lifted up with love, peace and light and truly get out of my mess? Was it possible to be pain free; to get rid of the goblins?

Well, the answer is a yes for me. Jesus connected me to the Oaks Rising community and at first I just followed them on their Facebook page. Then, after about a year, I finally mustered up the courage to sign up for the 5 Keys to Freedom course. Wowsa! What a life changer! No longer did I have to sit alone in my mess. Pam, Steve and the Oaks Rising community were so kind, loving and understanding that finally HOPE was something I could behold as my own!


I learned to submit my will, my rights, and all of my control to Jesus.  I learned how to rid myself of generational sin and evil declarations that had been made over me!

AND I learned how to walk out my Freedom…

– Capture EVERY thought.

– Discern voices.

– Eliminate attention getting behavior.

– Remove ungodly Mindsets

– My brain does not control my mind.

– Evil ones cannot read my mind.

– I do have choices.

– And can practice Discernment.

-The importance of Forgiveness and Gratitude.

– To have a Positive attitude and outlook.

– I no longer live from loss of fear of death.

– I live daily in the Holy Spirit.

– Nightmares are gone!

– Arthritis is gone!


As a result of surrendering my life to Jesus, I find that I am now awake, thanking God for another day to encounter Him.

My days consist of experiencing how He blesses me in the night with prophetic dreams and teachings, Beautiful vivid dreams – a delight to all my senses, beautiful angelic music, vibrant colors, the fragrance of honeysuckle, an unmistakable peace.


My hope in sharing my story is that you can relate and experience freedom for yourself. And, If you find that you can relate to any of it at all, then please contact OaksRising to schedule a freedom session as soon as possible! Can I assure you that you don’t have to spend your time on earth suffering like I did for so many years. I discovered that Pam and Steve are very loving and non judgemental. They will teach you to turn around and face God, repent, forgive and find your destiny!

Thank you Lord for melting my icy body and heart and pouring Your warm Holy Water over me.

Amen and blessings,

Amy Graeff

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