Miriam Albert

Miriam is passionate about helping others accept their identity in Christ, just as they are. After years of trying to perform her way into acceptance, she has a heart as a freedom coach writer and speaker to help others turn from a life of endless striving, to one of peace. She is a Tennessee girl married to Ross, and loves staying home with her two little ones. Liam and Bristol.

Learning to Love My Design

I am not sure what your primary grace gift is, but I am excited to tell you that you do, indeed, have one! In fact, did you know you carry all 7 gifts, just some higher than others? The good news is that you are complete. You are enough. I invite you to exploring the amazing way in which He designed you, so we can live from position together!

2020 Vision

2020 has been a year of new vision… taking off the blinders. Truth after truth after truth being revealed. Matters of the heart being exposed. Darkness being exposed, giving the opportunity for light to BEAM through!

Trading Time For Trust

I invite you to hand over the stopwatch and your man-made blue prints. trade you timing for for trust in the Father’s instead. Oil your lamps. And let your light shine.