Release Your Sound

Day 1

On the first day of our birth, we are given a name and added to a census which consists of information about gender, race, ethnicity and so on. We enter a world full of millions of people, but what sets us apart from the rest of the world? Why do so many of us struggle with connection and communication? Do I really matter in a sea of so many?

Do I Really Matter

Having a firm foundation is what we desire for ourselves and for our children. We love them and take time to invest in them. I had all these needs met in my own life but I still struggled deeply with who I was, my identity and my worth, both by myself and in the world. Wondering, what depth of value did I bring to those around me? 

Struggling with identity caused havoc in my life. It had an effect on the way I saw myself and those I interacted with in my daily encounters. I managed to function the only way I knew how, solely based on what I was told and believed growing up. And, I was ready to step into more…

“Who we are is where happiness lies, but this is often blocked by who we have become.”

Fruit of Reflection

I recently had the opportunity to attend an women’s encounter weekend with Oaks Rising and was excited to engage with Jesus and enter into rest alongside other sisters in Christ. During the week leading up to the trip, I seemed to really be struggling with anxiety in group settings and feelings of inadequacy. I had taken some time to reflect on what I wanted to receive during the retreat and what stirred in my spirit was the word Identity. I knew Jesus was in me and I was in Him but who was I in all of that?

Wonderfully Made

During the encounter weekend I was introduced to a Design Gift Profile and chose to take the profile. Who doesn’t enjoy taking a communication profile and learning about who they are and how they show up, right? Thousands of people are turning to things like horoscopes in an anxious attempt to try anything and everything presented to them in order to learn more about their design. 

Who I am in Christ has never made more sense to me than when I discovered that I carry all of who He is inside of me. The Father has blessed me with certain combinations of giftings that are unique and I am wonderfully made! 

Completing this design profile shifted my perspective from a box-like mentality to opening up to endless possibilities. I have the ability to learn and appreciate all of those in my life and honor those parts of the Father they carry. 

It’s given me communication tools I was lacking that I can now use in my home, workplace and even within myself. Instead of trying to understand others from my limited perspective I can now view them from The Father’s: UNIQUE, FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!

Carved Out of Love

In a recent conversation with a family member who is an amazing musician, she began sharing information with me about some of the most expensive instruments sold in the world – some valued in the millions! These instruments were carved from trees which had endured certain weather conditions making their sound like no other. 

I began to do some more research and found that trees can hold trauma and according to where they are planted and the weather conditions around them, each delivers a sound that sets it apart from the rest. If a tree can hold that level of uniqueness, just imagine the melodies held in each of us. We were carved out of love and made in The Father’s image. Our pains, our blessings, all contribute to the beautiful sounds and frequencies just waiting to be released into the world. 

Maybe you have been through difficult times and you feel so far beyond repair but I encourage you friends! What you have inside of you, your designs and giftings, are like no other… RELEASE YOUR SOUND!

With Love, 


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