Rewrite Your Story

My Gift of Pain

For those of us who may have lost loved ones or have never experienced a Christmas with loving family, it can trigger traumas from the past and we can find ourselves emotionally distressed. Let us all be encouraged that we serve a God who sees all of it!

Captive to Fragrant

I’m okay with the unknown. I’m okay to move from unforgiveness and release those who have hurt me to the Father because, from where I sit, there’s no room or place for any of it. I will sit at my Father’s table and release my fragrance of Thanksgiving because here, at my Father’s table, is where I belong.

You are NOT a Victim

I know that there are probably really horrible things that might have happened to you. I understand that some trauma is so deep, that it seems like it will be there forever. And yes, I recognize there are a lot of details I don’t know about your story… But no matter what has happened: you are not a victim.