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“So, they will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.”

Isaiah 61:3

“Welcome to the Oaks Rising family, a place to get traction on moving yourself forward in life. Come with us on this incredible freedom coaching journey to strategically align to your God given destiny. We have designed a judgement-free, powerful, Freedom Coaching process that will support you to Get Free from what’s been holding you back. We are a freedom community with a passion to spark new life and awaken destinies so that together we can Rise Up as Oaks of Righteousness.

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Join us on the journey

We invite you to journey with us in a freedom coaching process that has been developed to support you in accelerating quickly. On this biblically based freedom journey you’ll find out how to get to the root of issues that have been holding you and generations of your family members back for way too long. You’ll discover how to engage with God and the mysteries He has waiting for you while learning how to Rewrite Your Story and take back what belongs to you from your original birthright. Come arise & shine by exploring the chapters of your life’s story so you can finally Get Free and Live Free. Don’t let your past hold you back any longer. The Oaks Rising Freedom Coaching Journey is about deepening relationships and discovering the treasures that have always belonged to you. There’s so much more that awaits you than you’ve ever imagined, so come along on this journey with us to reclaim your God designed identity and destiny!

Where to begin your journey

Choose the best way for you to begin your Freedom Journey with Oaks Rising:

You can choose to Get Free by “Rewriting Your Story” through Personal Freedom Sessions. An Oaks Rising Certified Freedom Coach will facilitate the type of session that you select. You can get started right away by scheduling a session or learn more about our coaching packages by scheduling a mini consultation with a Freedom Coach.

Join us on the “Sonship Journey” in addition to Rewriting Your own personal Story. You will gain access to life changing freedom courses, activations and a weekly zoom meeting when you join this powerful online community group. This Freedom to Sonship Journey will support you to not only Get Free but will walk you through how to Live Free too. 

The “Freedom Coach Journey” is the best path for you if you are ready to dive in deep. Get Free yourself while you are being equipped to facilitate a Freedom Session to Set Others Free. Our cutting edge certification courses prepare you to facilitate freedom with confidence, as well as upgrade you personally in your own freedom journey.

Each path is designed to support you on your journey to embrace new levels of freedom. We look forward to having you join us, whether you are desiring to grow yourself, are wanting to rise up in community with others, or are passionate about helping others be set free. All of our freedom sessions, courses and trainings follow a sound biblical model to create laser breakthrough results.

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Get Free

A Personal Freedom Journey

This personal freedom journey is a coaching process that includes one-on-one Freedom Sessions, life coaching and mentoring as well as our signature “Rewrite Your Story”,  “5 Keys To Freedom” and “Core Freedom” coaching process. A Certified Freedom Coach will walk with you to facilitate reclaiming, restoring and redefining what a wonderful masterpiece “Father God” has created you to be, so that you can Get Free & Live Free. You can choose to have one session at a time or purchase a package of Freedom Sessions to move yourself along more quickly in your freedom journey. 


Live Free

Freedom to Sonship Online Journey

The Sonship Journey is an online membership community with access to an array of freedom resources and content to move you from Getting Free to Living Free. This Freedom to Sonship online community will provide you with teaching courses, mentoring, group coaching and anointed activations to not only Get Free, but to learn how to Live Free. Once you join the Sonship Journey Membership Community, you’ll be given access to participate in a live weekly zoom meeting where you will get to experience Live Group Freedom Coaching as well as a Q & A time to support you. 


Set Others Free

Certification Coach Training to Set Others Free

Get equipped with cutting edge Freedom Coach Certification Training Courses including, “Rewrite Your Story”, “Mastering Mindsets”, “Gates & Glory” and “The Core” Freedom Coach Certifications. As an Oaks Rising Certified Freedom Coach you will learn how to facilitate Freedom Sessions with the Oaks Rising Story Mapping signature Rewrite Your Story process. You’ll learn the 5 Keys To Freedom – a quick, simple, powerful and yet gentle freedom style that facilitates the ministry of Jesus. If you are ready to grow in confidence to facilitate the power of Holy Spirit in your own life & the lives of others, then join us on the Freedom Coach Journey.

Additional Resources

lavender field, lavender, purple

Essential Oils for healing

We are independent distributors for the Young Living line of Essential Oils and invite you to take a peek and see if there’s anything you’d like or even join us as a member or distributor yourself. Young Living’s essential oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts that are carefully obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping.

Our favorite oils are lavender and frankincense! We love these and so many of the other therapeutic oils, as well as the antioxidant Ningxia Red drink and bioavailable supplements.

We invite you to be part of our Young Living Team. Every order and team member will help us to Set Others Free. To order or join Young Living through Oaks Rising just click on the link below or use our Member Number: 17352857

Discover Your God Design

When you learn about how God created you, and what your unique personality and communication style is, you will walk in your Identity, Design and Destiny with so much ease!

You will be empowered with so much more confidence when you discover the characteristics, needs, filters and values of  your God design.

Be encouraged to know that your design is a crucial piece to the puzzle of knowing to engage with God and the world around you. Give yourself the gift of the KLLP profile by knowing your God design.

Knowing how you are wired by God will fill you with so much more confidence!

The LIFE Languages System ™ is a powerful communication profile tool that will teach you how to better understand yourself and those you communicate with on a regular basis.

Through workshops and private on-site or off-site training’s we can help you learn the techniques for Character Centered Communication. 


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