in your communication and relationships!

The Life Languages™ Communication Tool is a very powerful way to understand your unique design from Father God as revealed to us in Romans 12:6-8. Most teaching assumes or implies that each person only receives ONE of the Motivational Gifts. The LIFE Languages™ show that each person has different levels of ALL the gifts! And, there is much more depth to understanding the LIFE Languages™ than just “motivation.” Each of us has all seven LIFE Languages™ in different ranges, intensities, and levels. Each Life Language has a filter, need, distress levels, etc. Jesus spoke all seven LIFE Languages™ fluently as needed. Jesus lives in each of as Christians. So, we too can become multi-lingual.

Your unique 7 Life Languages™ are revealed by answering a series of questions. You will get a report that reveals a powerful Communication Analysis Profile called the KLLP™ (Kendall Life Languages Profile) to empower you to relate, connect, and shine with a new confidence and passion! The regular cost of the profile is $55 and the investment is worth $1000 or more. Immediately upon answering the questions you will be able to print out information that will support you in growing, leading, and understanding yourself in a way you may have never before. It is an empowering tool and not a labeling tool that puts you in a box.

To take the KLLP for the SPECIAL PRICE of $45 through Oaks Rising you will need to go to www.TheKLLP.com and enter in the box that asks you for the KLLP CODE our code:   oaks


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