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Oaks Rising Resources

It is our passion to see all who want to be free have everything they need, so we have included a number of “resources” that have assisted many in their Freedom Journeys.  We are continually working to provide helpful resources for all to Get Free, Live Free and Set the World Free! We encourage you to take a look and use the resources here, and as always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Be blessed & encouraged as you walk in intimacy with Him

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Essential Oils for healing

We are independent distributors for the Young Living line of Essential Oils and invite you to take a peek and see if there’s anything you’d like or even join us as a member or distributor yourself.  Young Living’s essential oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts that are carefully obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. Our favorite oils are lavendar and frankincense! We love it and so many of the other therapeutic oils, as well as the antioxidant Ningxia Red drink and bioavailable supplements.

Live Free by Knowing Your God Design

The LIFE Languages System ™

Character Centered Communication

When you learn about how God created you and what your unique personality and communication style is you will walk in your Identity, Design and Destiny with so much ease!

The LIFE Languages System ™ is a powerful communication profile tool that will teach you how to better understand yourself and those you communicate with on a regular basis. Through workshops and private on-site or off-site trainings we can help you learn the techniques for Character Centered Communication. Contact us to set up a group training for your company, church or organization and take your personal unique KLLP profile!

Rising Hubs

A culture of freedom

When a Community takes hold of freedom together, they become motivated to hold each other up as capable and to encourage each other to live from their Destiny. 

Oaks Rising Hubs are simply a community of people who have experienced getting free and who now desire to pay that freedom forward to others. If you have experienced freedom through Oaks Rising, and desire to carry the heart DNA of this Freedom to others, then you can facilitate a Rising Hub.

If you would like to see a Freedom Center Rising Hub in your area contact us to learn about hosting The Rising Journey course, as well as facilitating local Freedom Sessions and gatherings to build a freedom community. 

When Kingdom Identity is known in a culture, it is like seeds of greatness from heaven that get loosed on earth. When people get free on the inside they naturally desire to walk out a life of fire and revival. Inviting others in your community to experience freedom is at the heart of being an Oaks Rising Hub!

Freedom Prayers

Liberty Savard Prayer

This is a very effective prayer from Liberty Savard to verbally loose/pull down and destroy strongholds through the divine power of the Holy Spirit.

Atmosphere Declaration

We recommend this as a daily declaration to come boldly under the atmosphere of Heaven, like taking a spiritual shower.

Home Cleansing & Blessing

As a part of your freedom journey you may feel led to go through your physical belongings, home and office to clear out the clutter there as well.

Freedom from Racism & Bigotry

If you would like to support the freedom of being one new man, then feel free to go through this prayer to end any known or unknown racism from your bloodline.

Rise Up

5 Keys to Freedom

1. Bless Your Spirit

1 Cor 16:18

Bless your spirit to lead your soul & body & submit yourself to the Lord.

2. Forgive

Eph 1:7

Give it all to Jesus by nailing it to the cross and by
forgiving self and others.

3. Repent

Acts 3:19

Repent. Turn away from the pain, sin and challenges and give it to Jesus.

4. Exchange

2 Cor 5:17

Ask God what new thoughts and things He has in place of the old.

5. Seal

Eph 1:13

Seal all you have done with the promised Holy Spirit.