what happens when a community takes hold of freedom together...

 …and decides to exchange the old system of religion, for living their lives sempiternally, aligned and positioned relationally from heaven to earth!

Testimonies of Healing & Freedom

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, ..”

Revelation 12:11

Stories Rewritten

We invite you to open up the book of your life and bring every memory, moment and chapter of your life’s story to Heavenly Father.  When you open up your life to His eyes you will begin an exploratory journey in relationship to discover the treasures that belong to you. Engage the mysteries and take back your original birthright and inheritance. Come Rewrite Your Story and align to your originally created seed of Identity. Reclaim your God designed Destiny and release from earth the sound and frequency of love back to Yahweh, from what He spoke over you when He originally breathed you into creation. 

Let’s follow after the heart of David who cried out, “Search me oh God” which extends an invitation to do the same. Are you ready to align to the life they have prepared for you. (Psalm 139:16 & 24 and Jeremiah 29:11)

Schedule A Private Session to Rewrite Your Story

We offer personal appointments that provide opportunities to Rewrite Your Story  & engage God in the pages of your life’s story, to receive freedom, forgiveness, healing and rest.

"Get Free" Testimonies

Hear what they have overcome through the Rewriting of their Stories

Rachyl no longer has migraines, fear or anxiety

“I’m no longer afraid. I am bold and courageous. I’ve been set free from anxiety, fear and feelings of unworthiness, performance and religion. I used to have migraines once a week and would plan my days and my diet around them and no longer have the emotional baggage that would come from these cycles. I’m a changed person from the inside out and now walk in my identity in Christ. I used to feel very anxious in social settings and no longer do. My relationship with my husband and children has completely been transformed.” – Rachyl Johnson 

Stephen no longer has to have it all figured out

I felt I had to prove myself like John Wayne – to be needed and to never need anyone… to be something that people would approve of. After going through this  freedom process I now know that I can just be me. I am loved, accepted and celebrated by the Lord. I understand myself and others so much better. I feel I belong in community now. I’ve come to know that I do fit in. I went from a place of being really hurt and unable to function through insecurity to a place of realizing that I don’t have to have it all figured out. – Stephen Nice

Jaime met Jesus in her Freedom Session

“Before, I had a mask of self protection on all the time. I was abandoned by mom and left to be raised by an alcoholic father. I was extremely abused growing up; physically, mentally, sexually and it left me very broken. I never felt safe anywhere and was bullied really bad in school. I was often in the hospital with broken bones. From meeting Jesus in my Freedom Session I had a miracle of my leg and my stomach/IBS being healed and have been set free from the anxiety. I actually got saved in my freedom session!” – Jaime Alderman

Ashley's anxiety gone in an instant

My anxiety was so crippling that I used to have to numb it with drugs or alcohol to cope. When I invited Jesus into this place of anxiety I discovered that my mom was given the drug pitocin to have labor induced with me. The deep seeded anxiety broke off of me as soon as I forgave this situation and I was finally able to breathe. I felt so much lighter and freer and never would have thought that this is what the root of my anxiety was. I had talked in counseling for hours and realize this would have never come up to be handled that way. – Ashley Marin

Mark finally able to release emotional pain

“I have had a hard time letting friends and my family in because of the hurt and loneliness from when I was a little boy. I used to distance myself from others so that I didn’t get hurt. I used to push people away so I wouldn’t get abandoned and hurt by others. I used to be stressed out alot and used drugs for a season to cope. Since I have experienced emotional healing I am now able to release things and not hold on to the emotions. Having received healing from my past hurts has helped me to let go easier of the pain today.” – Mark Polozola

Ellie no longer feels pitiful or unlovely

In one particular freedom session, I was set free from the hurtful words that were spoken over me as a pre-teen… that I was so tall and that my feet were so big that nobody would ever love me. This had permeated every part of who I became. I was really uncomfortable with myself and did not believe I was worthy of love. God really set me free and now I believe that He created me from a taller perspective to shine His light. I no longer feel unlovely and unlovable. I no longer have to try and please others to feel accepted.” – Ellie Purcell

Sonia healed from psoriasis and stress

“I used to have a victim mentality and now I have such confidence,  peace and strength. I used to get so stressed out and feel so sad and down. I now know my authority in Jesus so much stronger.  I had very, very severe psoriasis and now since my freedom session it’s completely gone. I have found such breakthrough in things I didn’t even realize I needed freedom in. As a first generation indian american I have broken through so many strongholds from the hindu culture of my family that I didn’t even know were affecting me.” – Sonia

Angel no longer has to hide

“I am finally able to be myself – free from anxiety and performance. I used to not feel good enough internally and would hide myself. I thought nobody cared about what I had to say. It felt easier to just be who others wanted me to be. In my Freedom Session I encountered Jesus and He saw me as beautiful. It turned a painful memory where I had been bullied into something joyful. I realized in that moment that I could be who I was. I didn’t have to hide myself anymore. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.” – Angel Alderman

A family healed from the pain of the past

“Growing up in the church, I thought I was going down the right road. Before freedom, I didn’t realize how the mistakes I was making today were a direct result from things in my past. I realized how the things from my past were causing problems in my relationships today. I saw Christ come into my past where scars were deep inside of me and had been covered up for so many years. The weight was removed and I was really able to move forward in my life.”  – The Polozola Family

Steve set free from sexual addiction

“In my 23 years of being a Christian I don’t believe I ever heard the voice of God, and now having been set free from religious spirits it’s like ear plugs have been removed from my ears. I had a struggle in High School with things that happened and a sexual addiction began with pornography. It led me down a path I did not want to be on. Since my freedom session I no longer have a hole in my life to fill in this way. The feeling of being abandoned is gone now.”  –  Steve Rivera

LeeAnn healed from parent's divorce

“My reaction to offense and circumstances has completely changed. I used to feel really insecure, but after this experience every offense now rolls off of me. I didn’t know how to handle my parent’s divorce. I carried an orphan spirit and didn’t know who I was. I have a totally different mindset now. Even though I had a mother who was not present in my life, I now know I have a God who loves me and nothing can change that.” – LeeAnn Lawrence

Nikki got her voice back and sings again

“I had erected glass walls because of everything going on around me and lived with so much fear and anxiety. I honestly hated myself and had no concept of love. I wanted to let people in but didn’t know how to. Childhood sexual abuse was at the root of my trauma and as a result of being victimized had lost my voice. In my freedom session Jesus awakened my voice and I now lead worship. I am a completely different person now.”  – Nikki Baltusis

Joshua found his happy place with God

“I always wanted to be closer to God after a season where I abandoned and really struggled to find Him back. Going through the Freedom Session brought Him back into my life to find my happy place again with God. I have such a closer relationship with God now. I felt rejected after a difficult relationship with a stepfather and was able to forgive him and others who hurt me. What used to boil up inside me as anger is gone now. It gave me so much confidence without looking for approval from others or my wife.” – Joshua Drummond

Becky freed from bondage of religion

“Looking back, I realized that I didn’t use my voice as a way of self protection. I could not hear the Holy Spirit until I went through my freedom session with Oaks Rising. All of my emotions came flooding up when I encountered Jesus in my session… 15 years of them being stuffed down from not using my voice… and He set me free. I could see Jesus in my session and hear clearly from Him. I am now free to worship. Looking back I can see where I tried so hard to follow others and didn’t know how to follow the Holy Spirit.” – Becky Gleason

"Live Free" Testimonies

Listen to how the Oaks Rising Training Courses have transformed their lives

Jaime went from distressed to accepted

“My whole life I was so distressed around other people. Through the Oaks Rising courses I learned how to be in community from a healed place. It was really amazing and now I feel like I am able to accept other people where they are, because I’ve learned how to accept myself exactly where I am. I used to feel the need to compete with people but no longer do now. I know my gifting and appreciate the differences in others. I have learned so much about how to live from a place of unity in community” – Jaime Alderman

Rachyl has learned to love and lead better

“My husband and I are leaders in our church and the what we have learned from Oaks Rising has really changed our lives. We have so many tools to help us to love on people and communicate with them on a heart level. We have so much more grace and understanding and love that we know how to get to the root of an issue so quickly. There’s no more pressure being a leader, because now we know how to simply help facilitate the Holy Spirit in another’s life.  I am such a changed person and feel totally transformed!” – Rachyl Johnson

Ashley knows she belongs

“I have realized that I have the choice to belong and know now that I don’t have to believe the lie that I am alone and not worthy of community. Once I chose this way I realized that we can fall down together and pick each other up… that we can heal together and grow together. This process has taught me to trust again and to truly love being seen. I no longer want to be unseen or invisible to others. I now feel seen, loved and valued. Digging your heels in and taking yourself on is so worth it!’ – Ashley Marin

Stephen feels the burden is off now

“One of the big breakthroughs while I was taking the Oaks Rising training was the realization that I could be a beginner… and that I no longer had to have all the answers. I have learned how to be teachable. It’s been a fascinating journey and I have gotten some really great upgrades on how to communicate with other people better. I found out I wasn’t really listening from the heart before, and have discovered how to ask questions from curiosity so that I can relate to others so much better.” – Stephen Nice

Nikki learned to how let go of performance

“One of the big changes that happened inside of me in the Oaks Rising classes was getting free from performance and realizing I didn’t have to have it all together. I realized how to embrace the fact that I’m going to be in the process of growing for the rest of my life. I loved being able to move from a performance mentality to a process mentality, realizing that I get to be upgraded for the rest of my life” – Nikki Baltusis 

Becky learned to be more childlike and free

“I used to think I knew everything and thought I had arrived but realized through the “Maturity” pathway of the “Sempiternal Way” that I could have a beginner’s mindset. I realized there is so much more and that I can learn from anyone. One of the most helpful parts of this “Live Free – Sonship Pathway” was realizing that I don’t have to be an expert and that I get to be more childlike. I realized that I am teachable and that I can learn from anyone.”  – Becky Gleason