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Blessings as you search out the perfect course for the very season of life that you are currently walking through. The “Freedom Series” courses are included in the Mentorship Journey and you can get 50% off the “Freedom Coach Series” Certification Courses by joining the Mentorship Journey for $30/monthly.

''Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.''​

Isaiah 60:1

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Freedom Series Training Courses

The 5 Courses below are all included for FREE in the Mentorship Journey:
5 Keys to Freedom, The Rising Journey, Rewrite Your Story, the Personal Journey, Mysteries of Our Design and the Sempiternal Way.

5 Keys To Freedom

An overview equipping of the 5 Keys to Freedom to support you and those you care about to understand the basics. In this training you will learn how to be a medic when someone is in need of quick freedom from a trigger.

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The Rising Journey

Discover through this course the biblical way to Get Free from behaviors, thoughts and emotions that keep you living bound to your past. The Rising Journey will give you thought provoking principles to awaken your authority to Get Free and Live Free!

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Rewrite Your Story, the Personal Journey

Explore the pages of your story from the beginning, beginning - the Origin. Reclaim your true, original identity! Engage with God to discover the ancestral family patterns and programs that were in place prior to your conception, and how they have affected your life.  

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Mysteries of Our Design

You'll learn how to understand the 7 design gifts from Romans 12:6-8 and learn very intentional ways to communicate with others to speak to their grace gift and how to understand yourself and your unique God given design.

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The Sempiternal Way

You'll be discipled through 7 relational paths that will equip and ignite you to discover the treasure already placed inside of you and mature as you encounter and engage Majesty, Identity, Community, Authority, Maturity, Destiny and Multiplicity.

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Freedom Coach Series - Certification Courses

These 5 Freedom Certification Courses are all available at a 50% discount as part of the Mentorship Journey
5 Keys, Rewrite Your Story, Mastering Mindsets, Gates & Glory and The Core Freedom Coach Certification Courses

5 Keys To Freedom

This is a much more in depth training course to equip you to become a certified 5 Keys Coach. You will learn the biblical basis for freedom with this foundational certification course which will be the foundation for every other certification course to follow.

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Rewrite Your Story

This Freedom Coach Certification course will equip you to facilitate a Rewrite Your Story Freedom Session in a simple yet powerful way for someone to experience the power of Story Mapping in the transformational rewriting of their story. 

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Mastering Mindsets

Learn the power of life coaching principles and mindset awareness. Be equipped to get others unstuck with cutting edge training while learning about neuroplasticity, heart listening and spirit-led transformative questioning.

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Gates & Glory

Learn to facilitate freedom by encountering all aspects of the Glory of God and the relevance of opening up your gateways to release your God given frequency and His healing power into your entire spirit, soul and body.

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The Core

Get equipped to facilitate a “Core" Freedom Session to lead someone in restoring their generational bloodline with gateway cleansing, personal freedom pre-conception and healing from the core of their identity.

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Mentorship is for everyone. We are passionate about moving people beyond their own freedom to begin supporting others to get free, which we believe is in alignment with Isaiah 61: 1-3 and 61:4 – the rebuilding of the ancient ruins.