Meet the Coaches

Oaks Rising Certified and Trained

The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me and has anointed me and sent me to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners freed.

Isaiah 61:1

You are in safe hands.

Freedom Coaches are members of our spiritual tribe who have faced the wilderness of life’s painful challenges to enter Yahweh’s promised land of identity and purpose. Through their own processes of forgiveness, repentance, and surrender to King Jesus, they have arisen as Oaks of Righteousness and are filled with a burning desire to see others do the same. You are not here by accident, rather by Father’s design and we are so glad you made it! Steve, Pam, and all of our coaches are both honored and excited to begin your Spirit-led journey of transformation with you.

Our professional, highly skilled coaches have a track record of proven results that move you from feeling trapped to engaging treasures.

Freedom Coaches with a passion to see captive hearts set free…

Pam VandenBulck

Pam is a first and foremost a laid down lover who lives to honor her King. She is a formidable Freedom Coach who uses her expertise and gifting to facilitate accelerated breakthrough and transformation. As a rebuilder of ancient ruins (Isaiah 61:4), she has been equipped by God to bring forth the treasures (hidden beneath generational trauma and iniquity) in the scrolls of individuals, their families, and ancestral bloodlines. Pam lives within the manifold wisdom of Yahweh’s eternal perspective and from her seat in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6). Having this solid foundation in her own life, Pam delights in walking alongside others to see them come into this same understanding.

Steve VandenBulck

Steve lives from a place of union with Yahweh and carries a deep expression of the Father’s heart. His passion is to see people make the transition from living out of the Tree of Knowledge (where we strive to have it all figured out ourselves) to being rooted in Jesus, the Tree of Life. Steve will support you as you encounter the realities of the “ring of Sonship” – the assurance of being completely known and fully loved by Father (Luke 15:22). From this place of authentic intimacy, you will find the rest for your soul that you’ve longed for and step into the effortless overflow of abundant life in Christ.

Madison Gonzalez

Madison has found freedom from negative mindsets such as self-doubt and comparison with others. She is an experienced coach who has learned to live for the audience of One. Like a beautiful butterfly, she has undergone a process of change that means she is free to fully embrace her unique design. Madison is a surrendered vessel who partners with the Holy Spirit to release others into the wholeness, self-acceptance and fulfilment that comes from truly knowing your identity and taking ownership of your inheritance in Christ.

Kathy MacAulay

Kathy has completed extensive training with Oaks Rising. As an experienced Freedom Coach, she has a desire to see the restoration of troubled families and for all to become fully immersed in the truth of who Yahweh has created them to be. As a living stone (1 Peter 2:5), she is a beacon of hope who radiates the light of Christ. Kathy is deeply aligned to the frequency of God’s heart and would be delighted to support you as you awaken to the love song of destiny and design that Father sings over you.

Larisa Scott

Dr Larisa Scott is joint head of OWR Chiropractic. She is a safe haven and a temple of the Holy Spirit whose gates are continually open to the King of glory. Dr Larisa’s holistic approach to transformation radically reshapes lives and destinies. This metamorphic combination of expertise and gifting facilitates the wonderful surrender of body, soul, and spirit, into the gentle hands of King Jesus. The result is a divine realignment of your “city walls” and the freedom to embrace Yahweh as the fire all around you and the glory in your midst (Zechariah 2:5).

Catherine Van Horn

Catherine beautifully showcases the tender compassion of Father to all who meet her. Having had many years of experience as a mental health counselor, she operates from union flow with Yahweh and carries His burning heart for reconciliation: “For God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself” 2 Cor. 5:19. Catherine is a voice, a sound, a frequency calling out to the fragmented and broken ones, those afflicted with sorrows and tossed by life’s storms— come and be comforted. She is a facilitator of deep encounters with the One who is limitless love.  

Unlock your breakthrough and live a purpose-filled life of freedom and divine destiny in Christ.