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Spark freedom in yourself and awaken change in others. You can only lead people where you have first been willing to go yourself!

''The Spirit of the Lord is upon us to set the captives free''​

Isaiah 61:1

Freedom Coach Training Courses

Rise up & set others free!

Becoming an Oaks Rising Coach is as much for YOUR own transformation as it is to bring change and freedom to others because you can only lead people where you have first been willing to go yourself!

Our courses are for anyone desiring to empower others to be Set Free from feeling stuck and from issues that keep them bound to their past. We use a biblical approach based on the Kingdom mandate found in Isaiah 61:1: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon us…to set the captives free”!

Rewrite Your Story- Freedom Coach Training

The Rewrite Your Story Freedom Coach training will equip you to facilitate a “Rewrite Your Story” Freedom Session, which is simply a powerful way to support quick transformation using the Oaks Rising 5 Keys To Freedom. Through our Story Mapping technique you will learn how to realign every page of your story to include the healing love of God within each page.

This is a beautiful process that opens up the pages of a persons life to experience freedom in places where they have been stuck, confused, anxious, fearful, rejected and more. It will empower you with incredible confidence in any setting, including altar ministry, the mission field or with a friend, spouse, child, parent, family member or client. 

It will bring an increased level of confidence for anyone who ministers to others, including missionaries, pastors, ministers, life coaches or counselors. There are no prerequisites for taking this course.

Mastering Mindsets — Freedom Coach Training

Mastering Mindsets Freedom Coach Training is a powerful freedom journey aligned with the ICF Life Coaching principles.  You will learn skills to help yourself and others get unstuck with pioneering and groundbreaking freedom coaching tools to create lasting change and mind renewal.

Grow your relationship with God as you develop and train your senses to discern and manage more powerfully the voices that influence you. As spirit-led beings, we believe that every believer can learn to hear from God and as a coach you will be equipped to hold yourself and others up as capable to do just that! 

Throughout the course you will mature in hearing the voice of God yourself as you learn how to coach your clients to hear from God themselves too. You’ll also grow in confidence and learn to trust your intuition through the practice of spirit-led active listening and spirit-led powerful questioning. 

Gates & Glory — Freedom Coach Training

You will learn how to facilitate freedom by encountering all aspects of the Glory of God and the relevance of opening up all your Gates to the King of Glory (Psalm 24:7). Discover how to establish and live from your original identity in the Father and how to aling to the frequency and vibration of your original destiny.

Take dominion of every gateway by aligning it under the government of Jesus. Gain powerful insight “live aligned” to your true identity, your God design and eternal destiny by handling blockages in your gateways from pre-conception to the present.


Either Rewrite Your Story Or Mastering Mindsets Freedom Coach Training is required before taking this course.

The Core — Freedom Coach Training

The Core Freedom Coach training will equip you with confidence to facilitate a “Core Freedom Session.” You will receive practical instruction on how to lead someone through this deep and very thorough, powerful Freedom Session.

During Core Freedom Sessions, you will learn how to help other people get to the root of generational bloodline sin & iniquity that keeps them stuck, bound and living from their past and their ancestors’ previous sin patterns. 

Discover how to walk alongside someone to facilitate personal freedom and healing to live from the very core essence of who their Heavenly Father created them to be.


Rewrite Your Story, Mastering Mindsets and Gates & Glory Freedom Coach Trainings are required before taking this course.

Connect with us to apply for this special designation!

Oaks Rising SEMPITIR™

The SEMPITIR™ designation is given to Oaks Rising Coaches who have completed all of the requirements for Certification in the freedom coaching curriculum, interned as mentors and are partnered with Oaks Rising to bring more freedom to the world. As such, Sempitirs are active members of the Oaks Rising community and engaged in life with other Freedom Coaches. Those who reach this level of designation will have the opportunity to further intern with Oaks Rising and be equipped to train others as part of our Freedom Training Team. Connect with us to apply for this special designation!