Spirit-Led Life Coach — Self-Paced

The Spirit-Led Christian Life Coach Training will develop your ability to hear the voice of God yourself as you learn how to coach others to hear from God themselves too. You’ll also grow in confidence and trust your intuition through the practice of spirit-led active listening and spirit-led powerful questioning. As a Spirit-led Christian life coach you can assist others in gaining clarity about their destiny, forming a clear vision for their future, and overcoming procrastination to accomplish their dreams and goals.

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  • Learn the 11 core coaching competencies developed by the International Coach Federation.
  • Practice with Peers to Master Your Coaching Skills
  • Learn how to create an Atmosphere of Trust & Mutual Respect
  • Understand The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Awareness to Walk in and Help Others Walk in their Kingdom Inheritance & Identity
  • Learn how to Ask Spirit-Led Empowering Questions
  • Become more Aware of how Mindsets, Beliefs & Lenses affect You and Others
  • Gain deeper Clarity in Hearing the Voice of God
  • Develop Discipline For having Spirit-Led Hearing
  • Train Your Senses to be Spirit-Led
  • Understand the Spirit, Soul & Body Connection
  • Learn how to Establish a Coaching Agreement With Others
  • Be Equipped to Know How to Hold Other People Up as Capable
  • Grow in the Power of giving Affirmation & Feedback to Others
  • Set Destiny Empowered Goals & Action Steps
  • Discover your voice and gain confidence in hearing the voice of God


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Certified Spirit-Led Life Coach Training 

An SELF PACED Training Certification (Includes 12 Hours of Live Teaching & Examples plus 4 Hours of Peer Coaching Practice, a Private Mentor Call , Certification Practicum & Certification Final Exam.)

$350 or 10 Easy Payments of $37 (Reduced Price for Married Couples who Register Together)

Self Paced so you can listen and learn at your own convenience.

  • Recording links will be sent to you once you register.
  • Certification requires you to listen to all 8 of the trainings and participate in 100% of the Action Steps.
  • Peer Partners will be set up for you to practice your coaching skills with.
  • Includes One Private Mentor Coaching call with Pam VandenBulck
  • Private Coach Training is also available for anyone desiring one on on coach training.
  • Please contact us with any questions or requests you have at 407-900-7150.
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ONLINE CERTIFICATION: 8 Weeks Online plus practical coaching experience


Married Couple

Certification Track

  • SELF PACED “Spirit-Led Life Coach Training”
  • Practical Coaching Experience.
  • Practicum & Final Exam