Set Others Free

Becoming an Oaks Rising Coach is as much for YOUR own transformation as it is to bring change and freedom to others because you can only lead people where you have first been willing to go yourself! Our courses are for anyone desiring to empower others to be Set Free from feeling stuck and from issues that keep them bound to their past. We use a biblical approach based on the Kingdom mandate found in Isaiah 61:1 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon us…to set the captives free”!



RISE UP and Set Others Free!

You will find all of our courses to be powerful additions to support breakthrough into new levels of freedom, whether you are desiring to grow yourself or are an existing Pastor, Minister, Life Coach, Counselor or Homeschooler. All of the courses follow a sound biblical model to create laser breakthrough results when praying, ministering, coaching or counseling others!






The Spirit-Led Christian Life Coach training is a natural and effective way to grow your relationship with God as you develop and train your senses to discern the Holy Spirit. As spirit beings we believe that every believer can learn to hear from God and as a coach you will learn how to hold yourself and others up as capable to do just that! Throughout the course you will mature in hearing the voice of God yourself as you learn how to coach your clients to hear from God themselves too. You’ll also grow in confidence and learn to trust your intuition through the practice of spirit-led active listening and spirit-led powerful questioning. As a spirit-led Christian life coach you will assist others in gaining clarity about their own destiny, forming a clear vision for their own future, and overcoming procrastination to accomplish their dreams and goals. Christian coaching is about supporting people with forward movement by holding them up as capable to hear from God themselves.

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The Freedom Coach Level 1 training will equip you to facilitate a “5 Keys To Freedom” healing moment, which is simply a powerful way to bring quick transformation to someone feeling stuck or unable to experience freedom in an area. It will empower you with incredible confidence in any setting, including altar ministry, the mission field or with a friend, spouse, child, parent, family member or client. It will bring an increased level of confidence for anyone who ministers to others including Missionaries, Pastors, Ministers, Life Coaches or Counselors. There are no prerequisites for taking this course.

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The Freedom Coach Level 2 training will equip you to facilitate a “Core Freedom Session”. You will learn how to lead someone through the restoration process of generational bloodline cleansing and personal freedom and healing. You will learn how to be laser focused to find hidden places where lies, misbeliefs and mindsets have prevented freedom in an area. This proactive approach brings Jesus to the center of every place where the truth revealed will set people free. Freedom Coach Level 1 is required before taking this course.

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Coming 2019 SEMPITERNAL WAY COACH (formerly known as Discipleship Coach)

The Sempiternal Way Coach training will equip you to be effective in creating renewal using the Oaks Rising Journey Sempiternal Way. This will equip you to take people on a relational journey going  from Majesty to Multiplicity and from being “a child of God to an ambassador for God”. The journey as a coach and trainer will empower and equip you even more to know your Identity in Christ and to know how to handle the enemy with the authority granted through Christ’s victory. As Spirit beings we believe that every believer can learn to hear from God and as a coach you will learn how to hold yourself and others up as capable! Prerequisites: Oaks Rising Spirit-Led Life Coach (or a qualifying existing life coach certification) and the Oaks Rising Sempiternal Way course.

Sempiternal Way Coach Course Outline

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The SEMPITIR™ designation is given to those who have completed all of the requirements for Certification to become an Oaks Rising “Spirit-Led Christian Life Coach”, “Freedom Coach Level 1”, “Freedom Coach Level 2”, “Freedom Discipleship Coach” and who have taken the Life Languages™ Communication Training Course. Sempitirs are also active members of the Oaks Rising community and engaged in life with other Sempitirs. Those who reach this level of designation will have the opportunity to intern with Oaks Rising and be equipped to train others as part of our Freedom Training Team. Connect with us to get this special designation!