Core, Freedom Coach Level 3 — Registration

You can learn how to live out of your destiny and discover how to handle every issue that sets itself up against the plans and purposes of God…by dealing with it from the core…bringing Jesus to the center of it all!

As a Level 3 Freedom Coach you will learn how to anchor people to their God given destiny by proactively facilitating a Core Freedom Session, a Holy Spirit-led, proactive, powerful and yet very gentle session that facilitates the ministry of Jesus by destroying the works of the enemy in the person’s life and in their family generational bloodline.

TBD for summer / fall  2019


Registration will open 6 weeks before training begins in 2019

Level 3 Freedom Course includes 8 Weekly Online Classes, 4 Live Calls +
an AMAZING 4 Day Certification Encounter

PREREQUISITE: Freedom Coach Level 1 & 2

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Check back with us SUMMER 2019 to save with the Early Bird Pricing!

8 week online Freedom Coach Training – 8 Recorded Sessions plus 4 Live Calls

The next Core Freedom Class will be in the summer or fall of 2019 – TBD

Want to take this class with your spouse? We offer a reduced price for Married Couples who register together.
Select “Married Couple” in the payment selection below to register as husband & wife.

LIVE Certification WORKSHOP Encounter:
In beautiful sunny Central Florida
Lodging & Meals are NOT included in your registration fee, but are very reasonable!

  • Grow deeper in your relationship with the Father and His original design and plan for you.
  • Discover how to engage your destiny scroll and activate your birthright & inheritance to flow.
  • A time to grow your confidence with practical exercises of operating in prophetic teams.
  • Practice with your peers facilitating freedom by handling issues from deep down at the root.
  • Learn from the live demonstrations of Core Freedom Sessions to better facilitate freedom.
  • Experience personal Freedom & Rise Up with experiential workshops to break free in your own life.
  • Gain the confidence by facilitating an actual Core Freedom Session with others in the class.
  • Holy Spirit led experiences in an atmosphere filled with expectation and a healing freedom presence!

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REGISTRATION Single Payment Payment Plan

Freedom Coach Level 3 Registration – Choose 1 Single Payment or 10 Easy Weekly Payments


Married Couple

Level 3 Certification Track

  • 8 week online “Freedom Coach Level 3” w Live & Recorded sessions
  • Certification Encounter Workshop in Sunny Central Florida
  • Lodging/meals (not included) to be paid 2 weeks before encounter weekend.
Registration opens 4-6 weeks before class Registration opens 4-6 weeks before class