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We are frequently contacted by people who would love to support the Oaks Rising Freedom Ministry and therefore, have created partnership & donation options on this website. We offer partnership opportunities for those wanting to engage through prayer, by serving at events and through financial gifts. Your participation and generosity helps spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ and provide training in the Church across North America and around the world. 

Oaks Rising Freedom Ministry was founded by Pam & Steve VandenBulck in 2014 and is financially supported by friends and partners of the ministry. Together we can release captives; bring healing to the wounded; restoration to the brokenhearted; freedom to those oppressed. Oaks Rising Freedom Ministry equips and empowers men, women and children for deeper, vibrant relationship with God.

Many in the Body of Christ depend on our scholarship program in order to receive ministry through a Freedom Session or participate in a Freedom Encounter.

You are personally invited to become a partner with us through ongoing prayer and/or financial support. The prayer support and covering of the Body of Christ along with monthly financial partnerships makes it possible for us to share God’s unconditional love and resurrection power through personal ministry, group encounters and leadership training.

We greatly appreciate your support of the Oaks Rising Freedom Ministry! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!



Ways to make a difference through the Oaks Rising partner program

Partner with Oaks Rising in prayer. We will send information via email, social media, etc. to keep you up to date as you intercede for those hungry for more freedom though Jesus’ finished work of the Cross.


Simply sign up below and we will add you to our prayer partner team!

Sponsor Oaks Rising Freedom Coaches as they minister FREEDOM to those in need of healing, restoration, release, etc. so they can Rise Up in their identity as a royal son/daughter and walk in their destiny in Christ.


Contribute in part (you pick the amount) or $150 for a whole session.

Partner with us and our amazing partner team to expand and advance Oaks Rising’s vision of “A world filled with authentic believers who have been set free and whose fruit is multiplied to the splendor of the Lord.” You can choose a “One Time Gift” or co-labor with us to build a solid foundation by becoming a “Monthly Partner”.


Select Monthly Partner or One Time Gift and choose the amount you would like to give: $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 or more!

To sign up or donate online, simply click the appropriate button below.



Community is an essential part of Heaven’s culture and integral to life. We are grateful for all who participate in extending God’s grace and power through giving of their time and talent. From the day to day operations to putting on events we couldn’t do what we do without you! Joining us in ministry is a great way to get involved and support lives being transformed.

Thank you, again, for your generous support!