We are a ministry with a heart to see leaders, families and churches transformed by healing and life changing encounters with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Our Freedom Team will come alongside local faith communities with a specific focus:

  • to help people deeply realize their true identity, destiny and life purpose.
  • to experience the freedom and joy of knowing who they are and whose they are in Christ.
  • to help people know their unique preferred God designed communication style.
  • to ultimately lead people to a more authentic, loving relationship with God and others.

We also equip or come alongside church and ministry leaders with simple tools to help foster forgiveness, a sense of purpose, and healthy emotional connections in our churches, communities, marriages, and families. We envision a church body where thousands of transformed individuals and families have encountered the freedom Christ died for us to live in and who have been awakened to our Father’s heart. A body of believers who experience God’s presence in a deeper way—having learned to embrace the finished work of the cross by realizing they are stronger in Christ than their struggle!

We encounter so many people who are believing and thirsting for more! The experiences with the Oaks Rising ministry team is designed to redefine mindsets, replace lies with truth, release burdens, reorder priorities, restore identity, and renew participants for a life of deeper meaning, purpose, and healthier relational connection.  We do this primarily through Scripture, prayer, and various breakthrough tools.

If you are interested in a personal ministry Freedom Session click here.