Leadership Journey Membership

Introducing the Oaks Rising “Leadership Journey”. This is an amazing way to personally experience greater Freedom and help others dive into Freedom themselves – to Get Free and to Live Free. The Leadership Journey membership gives you access to everything included in the “Freedom Journey” and the “Sonship Journey” memberships plus deeper content in a way that helps you facilitate freedom for others. There are also free foundational courses for helping Set the World Free, powerful resources, regular live group coaching & mentorship meetings as well as special pricing on more in-depth courses, special online meetings and live events.

The Leadership Journey includes all of the content that comes with both the Freedom Journey & the Sonship Journey plus:

  • Activations
  • Group Coaching
  • Mentor Meetings via Zoom
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Basic Coaching Classes
  • Discounts on Intermediate and Advanced Level Coaching Classes
  • Special Pricing on Freedom Coach Encounters

Leadership Journey – Founding Member (Monthly)

per month

Join us as a Founding Member of the “Leadership Journey” membership and you will receive all of the benefits of the Oaks Rising “Sonship Journey” plus content to help Set the World Free – includes fundamental training to facilitate Freedom, plus special discounts on more in-depth content, coaching courses, special online gatherings and live, in-person Freedom Encounters. Founding Member renewals will be locked in at this amount and the “Leadership Journey” content will remain available as long as the membership remains active.

Leadership Journey Courses, Resources & Events are shown below:

Everything included with the Freedom Journey & Sonship Journey memberships is included with your Leadership Journey subscription. Select the button below to view the Leadership Journey Course Catalog, Resources and Event Listing:

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