Live Free

We’ve discovered that once people Get Free they want to Live Free and share their freedom with others too. Our desire is to equip all of the hungry hearts who want to continue to grow in to more & more freedom and to answer the cries for we want more.

Join us and discover how to Live Free the Sempiternal Way

View an INTRODUCTION to learn more about the Sempiternal Way:

Freedom is a Journey. Freedom is not an event. 

The transformation process of living free is about dying to self so that you may live out loud from the cry of your heart, “Lord, deliver me from me, so the real me can break free”. It is a daily choice of submitting to everything necessary for the metamorphosis of old things to give way for the birthing of something brand new.  It is a process not an event… a lifelong journey here on earth where you fulfill the call as a citizen of heaven while living here on earth in this foreign land! Living as a new creation requires discipline to obey God and submitting yourself to be spirit-led moment by moment. It means turning away from the religious systems, external pressures, rules, performance and sin management so there is less of self and more rest through surrender.

Living a life of freedom extends to learning how to keep your love on through helping to create a powerful community. A transformed marriage, home, church or workplace happens when people take responsibility for their own feelings. Blame and offense get replaced by love and compassion. Everyone becomes known by their kingdom identity as sons and daughters of God. In a healed community mistakes are ok – failures occur – and through it all there’s a trust that Jesus will carry everybody through to wholeness. As the bride of Christ we must stop seeing each other as the enemy sees us. A healed & transformed community can happen when the people in it choose to keep their eyes on Jesus and stop running away from their pain. As part of the body of Christ we must learn how to view people through the eyes of Jesus and stay planted unless God sends us elsewhere. Instead of running away from our pain, hurts and fears we must allow the suffering from the struggles to make us more compassionate so that we have more heavenly influence, power, authority and anointing here on earth. We must choose to trust God more and allow the pain we experience as part of community to refine us and make us more like Him. Come join us on the Sempiternal Way journey to living free!

What does Sempiternal mean:

Sempiternal comes from two root words meaning always and eternal. It takes something that has always been, something eternal and brings it into the now. You could say it reaches from the temporal into the eternal to pull what has always been into the present reality. The Sempiternal Way is about living our lives here on earth from our place with Christ in Heaven.

The  7 pathways on the Sempiternal Way

On the Sempiternal Way you will experience “7 Relational Pathways” that will each equip and ignite you to discover the treasure already placed inside of you. Each place will open new doors and awaken more and more freedom & truth about who God designed you to be. His purposes and plans for you will become crystal clear. The “7 Pathways” are based on deepening your relationship with God and others to grow up into the full stature of your potential.

  1. Majesty is knowing the Father Heart of our God, we are each His child
  2. Identity  is choosing to awaken to our role as royalty, His son or daughter
  3. Community is being planted to grow up together as sister or brother
  4. Authority is living strategically from peace in the Army of God as His warrior
  5. Maturity calls me to go lower and deeper into humility and teachability as a bond-servant
  6. Destiny gives me wings to soar purposefully & courageously as a steward
  7. Multiplicity knits me in unity & gratitude from “many to one” as an ambassador

Live Free by Knowing Your God Design

When you learn about how God created you and what your unique personality and communication style is you will walk in your destiny with so much ease! The LIFE Languages System ™ is a powerful communication profile tool that will teach you how to better understand yourself and those you communicate with on a regular basis.  Through seminars, workshops, private on-site or off-site training we can help you learn the techniques for Character Centered Communication. Contact us to set up a group training for your company, church or organization and take your personal unique KLLP profile by clicking here!

Join A  “Rising Hub”

A culture of freedom results when a Community takes hold of transformation together, hold each other up as capable and step into their Destiny. Oaks Rising Hubs are simply those who carry the DNA of Freedom and host The Rising Journey as well as local Freedom Sessions and gatherings to build community. When Kingdom Identity is known in a culture it is like seeds of greatness from heaven that are loosed on earth. When people get free on the inside they naturally walk out being Christ’s ambassadors in community together daily. Revival is the natural result of this freedom and is sustained because it comes from an inside-out transformation that is individual, lasting and unique for each person. Living a transformed life through Christ means saying goodbye to performance and works thus living life from a true spiritual identity and inheritance as Sons and Daughters of our Father God.

When a person gets set free they usually want everyone to know! There is no coaxing, method or rule to follow for them, but instead they have a natural desire to share the freedom they have experienced. Kingdom warriors are the result of those who have been empowered. Empowerment results as each member of the transformation community is held up as capable to hear from God and operate in their God given spiritual gifts. Kingdom Warriors are ignited and get excited about removing wrong lenses and changing mindsets so everything in their life is positioned from heaven to earth. By choosing to be conformed to the Kingdom of God warriors live and empower revival from the inside out, breathing; “Everything will change when I Change.” The movement spreads as others who watch them decide they want to live free too!

Rise UP and decide to be stronger than your struggle as an overcomer living in community with others. It is one thing to Get Free but then you have to choose to stay free – to Live Free! Join us for a Freedom Event or become a Freedom Coach to help Set Others Free too! We believe when God breaks through in power, we must follow through in process. We not only want to encounter God we want to be forever transformed!