Core, Freedom Coach Level 3

As a Level 3 Freedom Coach you will learn how to anchor people to their God given destiny by proactively facilitating a Core Freedom Session, a Holy Spirit-led, proactive, powerful and yet very gentle session that facilitates the ministry of Jesus by destroying the works of the enemy in the person’s life and in their family generational bloodline.

Instructors: Pam & Steve VandenBulck

Dates: August 19th through October 11th, 2019

Course Includes: 8 Weekly Online Classes, Mentoring, Peer-to-Peer Exercises, Live Online/In-Person Training, External Learning PLUS a Live 4-Day Certification Encounter. Click here for more details.

Prerequisites: 2 prerequisites

  • Freedom Coach Level 1 – 5 Keys to Freedom
  • Freedom Coach Level 2 – Mastering Mindsets

Course Outline: Freedom Coach Level 3 Course Outline

Certification: Certification is awarded at our Live 4-day Encounters after successfully completing course requirements. The next Certification Encounter will be in the Orlando, Florida area in January 2020.

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