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Blessings as you look through our courses and training programs to search out the one that’s perfect for the very season of life that you are currently walking through. 

Freedom Training Courses

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''"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.''​

Isaiah 60:1

Our Freedom Courses can be taken as a stand alone course or as part of the Sonship Journey. They include equipping, mentoring, engaging and activations through both personal and group freedom coaching, that will show you how to Get Free, Live Free and Set Others Free to soar from the very core of your destiny.

The Rising Journey - Get Free

The Freedom Path

Discover through this course the biblical way to Get Free from behaviors, thoughts and emotions that keep you living bound to your past. This life changing and incredibly powerful Rising Journey will give you thought provoking principles to awaken your authority to Get Free and Live Free!

You will learn how to set the atmosphere to live from the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth and how the soil of your environment growing up is still affecting you today. Uncover with us the sin patterns that have been passed down in your family bloodline and how to heal from the wounded emotions and traumas from childhood and the past.

Discover how to awaken the seed of your Kingdom Identity and Destiny so that you can truly live from your Kingdom birthright and inheritance.

Come on The Rising Journey  to gain confidence in knowing what the Word of God says about freedom. You’ll gain new insight on how to live whole spirit, soul and body by living from your seat of rest.


Rewrite Your Story

The Freedom Journey to RECLAIM | RESTORE | REDEFINE

Come Rewrite Your Story to align to your originally created seed of Identity so you can walk out here on earth your God designed Destiny. You were made to release from earth the sound & frequency of love back to Yahweh from what He spoke over you when He breathed you into creation. 

Rewrite Your Story Facebook Group

Get on the Freedom Path to begin to “Rewrite Your Story” as part of a Community Facebook Group. This is a private group open to those who are interested in stepping into this journey to Get Free by opening up the pages of your Story to the eyes of your Heavenly Father.

A place to engage, learn, grow and share about the “Rewrite Your Story” process of Reclaiming Identity, Restoring Design and Redefining our God given Destiny to align the record of our life with the Destiny Book our Father wrote!

Rewrite Your Story Online Courses

The online group training series consists of Rewriting Your Story to experience the treasures that will be unearthed when you open up to receive the great exchange from Jesus through each chapter of your life. You will be invited to open up your book to reclaim what was stolen prior to your own conception all the way through the major developmental stages of your life, including childhood, teen years, marriage, parenting, health and finances. Review each course selection below to view the contents that each will cover. 

The Rising Journey is recommended before taking this course.

Explore the pages of your story from the beginning, beginning - the Origin to reclaim your True, Original Identity! Engage with God to discover the ancestral family patterns and programs that were in place prior to your conception, and how they have affected your life.  

Explore the events of your childhood, from the moment of birth through the teen years. Discover the mindsets and belief systems that have been formed, that are still affecting you today. Experience the love of God in every place you need healing. Engage and know who God is for you in places where you encountered pain, shame, wounds, trauma, abuse, neglect and difficulties.

Discover freedom and healing in those most difficult years for so many - the journey from being a child to adult. Explore the events that occured while reclaiming and restoring what was lost or stolen through these impressionable years of 13-19. 

Engage in an incredible course to learn all about what your Kingdom birthright and inheritance is, and how to align yourself powerfully to all that is contained within it. Learn practical ways to access what has been stolen from you and to break free from the counterfeit destiny you may have been living from. Engage with the very Words that were spoken over you by Heavenly Father when He created you. 

Rewrite Your Story back to the very beginning of when you first met each other to uncover any hidden triggers, traumas or beliefs about your spouse that are not supporting you today. You and your spouse will go on a journey together to explore the events, places and perceptions that need to be healed and reframed.

Go on a journey to rewrite the pages of your own story that are affecting the way that you parent today. Unpack the mindsets and methods of parenting from your own upbringing and parents that are not supporting you in being the parent that God has anointed you to be.

Go on a journey to uncover the root belief systems that are holding you back from your financial destiny - the inheritance that belongs to you from God. Learn how you can open yourself up to live a life of receiving the riches and abundance that God has for you. You will get to unpack all of the ways that you are partnering with mindsets from generations that keep you stuck in poverty, scarcity, limitations and lack.

Go on a journey to explore the belief systems that were formed from childhood and generationally that are affecting your mindsets around food. Get to the root of how you and food get along and receive the healing that is needed in order for you to be set free to eat for the glory of God instead of having a relationship with food that is based on fear or control.

The Sempiternal Way - Live Free

The Sonship Path

Come with us on this relational pathway to discover hidden treasures of scripture. You’ll walk down 7 different relationship building paths that will equip and ignite you to discover the treasure already placed inside of you. Each place will open new doors and awaken more and more freedom and truth about who God designed you to be. The purposes and plans that God has for you will become so much clearer as you venture down this sonship pathway encountering Majesty, Identity, Community, Authority, Maturity, Destiny and Multiplicity.

Freedom Coaching Training Courses

The Freedom Coach Path to Set Others Free

Rewrite Your Story- Freedom Coach Training

The Rewrite Your Story Freedom Coach training will equip you to facilitate a “Rewrite Your Story” Freedom Session, which is simply a powerful way to support quick transformation through the power of Story Mapping.

Mastering Mindsets — Freedom Coach Training

A powerful transformation journey to learn powerful Life Coaching principles and mindset awareness. You'll be equipped to help others get unstuck with cutting edge leadership tools while learning how to listen and ask powerful questions.

Gates & Glory — Freedom Coach Training

You will learn how to facilitate freedom by encountering all aspects of the Glory of God and the relevance of opening up all your Gates to the King of Glory (Psalm 24:7) while discovering how to establish and live from your original identity.


Rewrite Your Story Freedom Coach Training is required before taking this course.

The Core — Freedom Coach Training

The Core Freedom Coach training will equip you to facilitate a “Core Freedom Session”. You will learn how to lead someone through the restoration process of generational bloodline cleansing and personal freedom and healing.


Rewrite Your Story, Mastering Mindsets and Gates & Glory Freedom Coach Trainings are required before taking this course.