Mastering Mindsets Certification

A cutting edge, power packed journey to unlock ungodly belief systems that keep people frustrated & bound up. You’ll learn to train up your senses to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the skills & discipline of  listening, asking questions through Mind Renewal Christian Life Coaching.

Course Information & Logistics

Lesson 1: Introducing Life Coaching

Lesson 2: Unlimited Mindset, Listening Skills & Choice

Coaching Conversations

Lesson 3:  Acknowledgements & Mindsets

Lesson 4:  Values, Inner Critic, Labels & Responsible

Lesson 5: Asking Powerful Questions

Lesson 6: Neuroplasticity and SMART goals

Lesson 7:  Growth Mindset & Coaching with Action

Lesson 8: Shift Your Thinking

Course Instructor

Pam VandenBulck Pam VandenBulck Instructor

Pam is a first and foremost a laid down lover who lives to honor her King Jesus. She is a formidable Freedom Coach who uses her expertise and gifting to facilitate accelerated breakthrough and transformation. She is a Certified Christian Master Life Coach, Life Languages Communication Coach, Certified AG Proficient Coach, Level Three AGPC (with the AG Coaching Task Force), and a certified John Maxwell speaker, coach, and trainer. Pam also has extensive leadership training through the Tony Robbins Mastery University and Klemmer & Associates Advanced Leadership Training Programs. Besides this she has spent hundreds of hours being mentored and trained in biblical studies, healing certification courses, including SOZO, Christian Healing Ministry and Order of Saint Luke the Physician trained. Pam is qualified as a Master Level Coach, having established well over 10,000 coaching hours.