Freedom Coach Training Certification Courses

"The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me and has anointed me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives.."

Isaiah 61:1-2

What you can look forward to

The Freedom Coach Path is a laser focused experience to bring reconciliation to the painful places from your past, while at the same time equipping you to Set Others Free. We hold to the belief that we cannot truly help others Get Free if we are still operating from brokenness ourselves.

As a Freedom Coach you will be trained to understand the biblical basis for freedom and how to provide practical relief to heal painful triggers. You will learn how to find the root issues in places that keep people stuck, and how to bring restoration to those places. You’ll discover how to handle the effects from generational iniquity, sin, lifestyle choices, traumas and tragedies. And, you will receive training that will equip you to unlock the mindsets & emotional strongholds that keep you and others living from the past. 

What is included in the Freedom Coach Journey

As a Freedom Coach Community Member you will be given exclusive access to receive mentorship via weekly Zoom Q & A sessions, teachings, activations, gatherings and workshops conducted by Pam & Steve VandenBulck, along with other Freedom Coaches who are actively facilitating Freedom Sessions. This is for those who truly want to be connected to a radical community of Jesus loving, freedom followers who are seeking after the MORE.  

There are 4 Freedom Coach Training Courses that we offer and each one unlocks new keys to freedom. As a member you will receive exclusive discounts on all existing courses and all new courses. You will get the opportunity to be linked on the Oaks Rising website as a Freedom Coach, and get the opportunity to weekly to be in the Hot Seat, to take yourself higher! 

Freedom Coaching Training Courses

The Freedom Coach Journey to Set Others Free

Rewrite Your Story- Freedom Coach Training

The Rewrite Your Story Freedom Coach training will equip you to facilitate a “Rewrite Your Story” Freedom Session, which is simply a powerful way to support quick transformation through the power of Story Mapping.

Mastering Mindsets — Freedom Coach Training

A powerful transformation journey to learn powerful Life Coaching principles and mindset awareness. You'll be equipped to help others get unstuck with cutting edge leadership tools while learning how to listen and ask powerful questions.

Gates & Glory — Freedom Coach Training

You will learn how to facilitate freedom by encountering all aspects of the Glory of God and the relevance of opening up all your Gates to the King of Glory (Psalm 24:7) while discovering how to establish and live from your original identity.


Rewrite Your Story Freedom Coach Training is required before taking this course.

The Core — Freedom Coach Training

The Core Freedom Coach training will equip you to facilitate a “Core Freedom Session”. You will learn how to lead someone through the restoration process of generational bloodline cleansing and personal freedom and healing.


Rewrite Your Story, Mastering Mindsets and Gates & Glory Freedom Coach Trainings are required before taking this course.

Connect with us to apply for this special designation!

Oaks Rising SEMPITIR™

The SEMPITIR™ designation is given to Oaks Rising Coaches who have completed all of the requirements for Certification in the freedom coaching curriculum, interned as mentors and are partnered with Oaks Rising to bring more freedom to the world. As such, Sempitirs are active members of the Oaks Rising community and engaged in life with other Freedom Coaches. Those who reach this level of designation will have the opportunity to further intern with Oaks Rising and be equipped to train others as part of our Freedom Training Team. Connect with us to apply for this special designation!