An Army of Misfits

An Army of Misfits



In a dream this week, an unusual crowd of mostly 20-somethings was gathering in a small apartment. Through the front door entered a young man dressed in goth attire with his girlfriend. He wore a black skirt, black leggings, and had a guitar slung over his back. Across the room, another young man’s flashy, silver, glitter-polished nails caught my eye. Around 10 or 15 people crammed into the joined living and dining area. Several pulled out guitars. Then we began singing worship songs. The atmosphere was reminiscent of the Jesus Movement gatherings in the 60’s and 70’s.




As I began pondering this dream, the Lord spoke so clearly to me, “I draw ALL men unto Myself.” He was emphasizing ALL…referring to even the most odd or unconventional person. He continued, “I am raising up an ARMY OF MISFITS. They will find their BELONGING in Me. I am doing an UNUSUAL thing. I am fitting puzzle pieces together that didn’t fit with the pieces in their boxes.”


As He was speaking, I saw many puzzle boxes spread out on a huge table. From these boxes puzzle pieces were being cast aside because they didn’t fit with the pieces in their box or match the picture on the box. Then, I saw God’s large hands gently pick up each of these ill-fitting pieces. With purpose, He begin to fit them together one by one. As each puzzle piece met in God’s hands, a golden light radiated along the edges as if they were being supernaturally soldered together. Collectively, these pieces began to form one spectacular picture.


“I am pulling these pieces together to build one big beautiful masterpiece. I am calling them to something so much larger and grander than the boxes they were born in. The scope of My plan is so grand…so magnificent that many will say, ‘Who would have thought that these pieces would come together and fit so perfectly.’ I am doing something outside of the box. It will not fit inside the picture and framework of church as usual. Watch what I do with a pile of discards.”



With wonder and awe, the voices of the rejected and misunderstood began to echo softly at first and then louder, “I have a place. I have a place. There is a place for ME. I have a place at His banquet table.”


Tears began to flood my eyes, as I sensed the brokenness, the loneliness, the abandonment, the worthlessness that these little ones felt. God’s tender heart was gathering these discarded ones together in His arms…these whom He wanted so much. And He was bringing them into adoption, family, acceptance, purpose. and belonging. In Christ, they found the place where they FIT PERFECTLY.



Since God orchestrated my connection with Oaks Rising in 2016, I have been privileged to observe some of the transformational impact that Oaks Rising has had on countless lives locally, nationally, and globally, including mine.  Oaks Rising has been on the front lines gathering and loving misfits into community, belonging, and freedom. Many of these people have been broken beyond what the world viewed as being capable of repair. Yet, Pam and Steve saw the treasure hidden inside of these precious, rejected, hurting ones, and they have poured their lives and time into mining for the gold. It is remarkable what God can do with a “discard” when they encounter Jesus in the wounded places, experience authentic community, and are held up as capable.  Each person is invited into a safe place to heal, grow, and test new wings. An army of sons and daughters are being equipped to rise up into their identity, purpose, and destiny. The downtrodden and afflicted are being transformed into mighty warriors who are trumpeting their own freedom and championing for the overcoming victory of other misfits like themselves. Piece by piece, God is building a grand and glorious picture through Oaks Rising that won’t fit inside any mold or box. May this work of His hands continue to exponentially multiply for the splendor of His majesty.




Two Scripture passages were quickened to my spirit from Matthew 22 and Luke 14 as being important and highlighted for the season we are entering.


In these parables, Jesus told of a King who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. However, when the servants carried the message that the day for the feast had arrived, those who had been invited were distracted, busy, full of excuses, and refused to come. Enraged that his invitation was scorned and dismissed, the King told the servants to go at once throughout the city and invite ANYONE you find—the poor, the blind, the disabled, the hurting, and the lonely.’ Yet, the servants returned saying there was still room for more. So, the Master told them, ‘All right. Go out again, and this time BRING THEM ALL back with you. Persuade the beggars on the streets, the outcasts, the afflicted, the misfits, the wretched, and the homeless. Urgently insist that they come in and enjoy the feast so that my house will be full.’ (paraphrased*)


God is going to fill His house one way or another, and I sense that He is heavily emphasizing that He is drawing ALL and I mean ALL PEOPLE to Himself. The church had better wake up and make way for what the Lord is doing lest our delicate sensibilities become OFFENDED by the TYPE of people who will make up this END-TIME HARVEST. We must set aside our preconceived notions of what church should look like, for God is working and moving outside of our boxes. The picture He is putting together piece by piece is beyond the scope of our limited vision and mindsets. He is doing a wondrous thing in our midst if we will only perceive and run with HIS agenda. I pray that we will ask God to shatter our paradigms. May we request to join Him in the work that HE is doing.


In the spirit I hear the Lord asking, “Who will go for Me? Who will go? Who will be My servant who goes into the streets and alleyways carrying an invitation to my great banquet?

Who will take part in the picture I am building?”




“And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw ALL people to myself.”-John‬ ‭12:32‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Luke 14:16-24, Matthew 22:2-14 TPT & MSG

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